Some prevention zones in Aihui District, Hehe City implement new management methods

Some prevention zones in Aihui District, Hehe City implement new management methods

People’s Network Harbin November 15 (Han Tu) On November 15 The Minimum of Low-Risk Levels and Releases the Pipe Control Work Program "requires that the assessment of the district headquarters expert group is decided to increase the risk level, and the defense zone after the risk level is decided to lower the risk level according to the new Management is implemented: residents in the community can use the building units, time-to-peak activities in the community, avoid gathering, stringent gates, out of the community.

The specific list is as follows: Garden Street, Jiayuan, Border AB Building, Court Raise Building, Local Tax Community, Shui’an Haoting Community, ICBC Community, Road Jiayuan, Building Material Community Building, Financial Community, Oriental Sunshine Community Leather Factory Building, Eastern Sunshine Community Personnel Bureau family building, Huaxia Community (Building 18 Building), Forestry Tuber Building.

Xing’an Street’s rich community, the family of the Labor Bureau, the family building of Tiexi market.

Yalan Ya Court, Grain Home, Land 9 Building Area – Warm Food Factory Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next … Apartment, Xinyi Park, Xingcheng Living Area, Luyuan Chunfuyuan (Tobacco Company West Side Entrance), Luyuan Chunfuyuan (China Bank Door), Luyuan Chunfuyuan (District Women and Child Health Hospital East Door Cave), Building 3, Building 2, Guanyuan, Agricultural Bank, China Bank, Building 2 Building, Building 2, China. Xiuxing Street’s dynamic examination family building, agricultural research family building, electric industry community, Guangyu Community.

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Shows the charm of national folk dance – thinking about the 13th China Dance "Lotus Award"

Shows the charm of national folk dance – thinking about the 13th China Dance "Lotus Award"

  Whether the medium mode, the expression is changed, the dance creator always returns to life, and the Chinese excellent traditional culture "is in the heart" Recently, the 13th China Dance "Lotus Award" National Folk Dance Awards ended in Jinan. From all kinds of art mission, colleges and universities, the 328 national folk dance works registration, 6 works award. Advance the number of works, high quality, fully reflecting the richness of dance creation materials and themes, providing a useful enlightenment for dance creation.

  National folk dance is an important part of China’s outstanding traditional culture, with powerful vitality and unique charm. How to in the national style, national characteristics, national aesthetics, deeply dig the connotation of national folk culture, and create traditional dance materials, innovative development, is an important topic facing by creators. "Internet +" has built a broader platform for dances, and people’s attention is continuously improved, and artistic dissemination and development have entered a new stage.

National folk dance achieves "broken circles" spread and innovation, still return to the art body.

  The art form of Chinese folk dance is always developing.

The creator moved the national folk dance from the large land to the stage, giving the connotation of the era, injected into contemporary aesthetics.

In the 13th China Dance "Lotus Award" National Folk Dance Competition, the men’s group dance of 22 people in the Xinjiang Arts College, "Mai Cotti in the sun" enthusiastically, and the vitality of the moving, will not The material cultural heritage sword dance and Shandong Gaozi Yangge have smartly, expressing the beautiful life of Xinjiang people in the heart of the party.

The original work of Changchun Humanities, "The Field" will closely combine the era of new rural construction and the sleeves of Jilin Province, which not only shows the realistic picture of new rural construction, but also expresses the people’s heart full of gain, happiness . The "Romantic Grassland" selected by the Hohhot National Performing Arts Group National Songs and Dance Theater is combined with the beauty of the Mongolian prairie and the grassland people’s beauty, and the world is vast, and the romantic feelings of the romantic feelings of the grassland people. The "Mount" of the Shandong University of Art Dance Academy is based on the dynamic rhythm of the drums, and the tough image of the mount of the work of the work of the work of the work of the people. Trough the people, rooted native, flying art imagination, in order to trigger emotion resonance, sublimation of thought expression.

A excellent national folk dance work should let the audience can taste the beauty of art and harvest deep cultural philosophy.

From this perspective, this "Lotus Award" work provides innovative ideas. Going out of the "small circle" "ivory tower", in the hot life of profound changes, the creator found the source of inspiration.

The deep grasp of the national folk dance instructions is inseparable from the field investigation.

Creators only have in-depth living, touched themselves, believe in the role, can be sincerely expressing, moving the audience.

Since 2015, the Chinese Dancers Association launched a series of dance practice activities of "in-depth life, rooting people", which is an active attempt to create dance. Young people such as Wang Mei, Tianlu, Wang Wei were in the organization, in-depth in Tibet, Hainan, Hebei, Hunan, Inner Mongolia and other regions to feel the national folk customs, fully understand the local national dance culture and absorb the nutrients. In the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Mai Cai County, the dance work "Mai Caixi" in the sun, Zhang Peng saw the local village capacity in the "visit Huiju" resident team team members and aids. Village has undergone tremendous changes.

The elderly in the square, the wonderful performance of folk artists, the cultural walls in the village, etc. Dance is the art of pursuing beauty, express beauty and creating beauty, reflecting creators’ understanding of the world, attitude towards culture, national folk dance should have the artistic pursuit of "beautiful beauty, beauty and common".

In this "Lotus Award", the dance "a big river" in Zhejiang Music Academy has translated the river’s rumor, and there is a poetry and painting while expressing the poetry. Dance borrowed a woman’s image and the section show the flow of "rivers", in the image of the "Da River", the dancer combines the "Da River" through the extension of the fan and the body, through the three curves, The angle transformation is to create a life-friendly flu in the body, and the four movements of "trembling, stri, shaking, teavage, tendry" in the scorpion lamp are extracted, and the traditional dance is innovative.

The dance "Carnival Little Junhua" created by Yantai City Cultural Art Center, "Carnival Little Juncuihua" passed the "Haoyang Geng Ge", and the lively scene of the northern traditional rural market. Whether the media is moderate, the expression is changed, and the dance creator always returns to life, and the Chinese excellent traditional culture "is in the heart", through the work, let more people understand the deep and dance art of the Chinese national culture and the unique charm of dance art. .

The party’s leadership is the fundamental guarantee of the great revival of the Chinese nation.

The party’s leadership is the fundamental guarantee of the great revival of the Chinese nation.

The leadership position of the Communist Party of China is the choice of history, and it is also the people’s heavy confrontation. It is determined by China’s historical logic, political logic, and practical logic since modern times.

It is there is a strong leader of the party, and the Chinese people have fundamentally change their own destiny. China’s development has achieved great achievements of the world-famous, and the Chinese nation ushered in the great revival of bright prospects.

The leadership of the Communist Party of China is the fundamental place of the party and the state. The life pulse is the interests of the people of all ethnic groups in the country, and the happiness is the fundamental political guarantee of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The party’s comprehensive leadership provides fundamental political guarantees for national rejuvenation. Realize the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, demanding that the Chinese nation has always maintained a high degree of unity and unity, a heart, and a great struggle to promote great struggle, and promote great cause.

To do this, we must build a great project to persist and strengthen the comprehensive leadership of the party. This is the most fundamental political guarantee of national rejuvenation.

In the past 1999, under the leadership of the party, China has achieved the earth-shaking change, so that we will usher in the bright future of the great revival of the Chinese nation. The purpose of the Communist Party of China is to serve the people wholeheartedly, developed for the people, so the Chinese Communist Party has always guaranteed and improving people’s livelihood, the people’s living standards have greatly improved, and the people’s happiness has become increasingly enhanced. The contradiction between the society is also quietly changed. In the journey of realizing the great revival of the Chinese nationality, all the Communists have confidence, and they are determined to achieve their goals one by one. The party’s comprehensive leadership provides scientific ideas for national rejuvenation. In a modernization of more than 1.3 billion people, it is a feat that has never been seen in human history. Naturally face the risk and challenges of human history. In the process of economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological civilization, in the process of achieving the "two-year hundred years" struggle, scientific thinking leads to the premise of conjunction, and it is also correct to respond to various risks and challenges, always along The premise of correct road advancement. Only by persistence and strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership, in the new era of Xi Jinping, the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking armed the whole party, educate the people to ensure the great revival of the Chinese nation’s great revival.

Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the common wishes and enthusiasm of all Chinese children, and the premier political premise of achieving the great revival of the Chinese nation is the comprehensive leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.

Today, socialism with Chinese characteristics enters the new era, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has come to a major historical joint point: comprehensive construction of a well-off society, the new journey of building a socialist modern country will be opened.

At present, correctly grasp the basic conditions of the Chinese nation, national conditions, party love, and comprehensive analysis to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation. We can deeply recognize that we have always adhered to and strengthen the comprehensive leadership of the party, so that the people of all ethnic groups across the country are closely united around the Chinese Communist Party. The fundamental guarantee of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. (Source: Shen Feng in Anting Town (Editor: Intern, Han Qing).

Shannan Fam Loeb ditch article China National Geographic Network

Shannan Fam Loeb ditch article China National Geographic Network

Now is not a difficult thing to Tibet, Sichuan-Tibet line through, reward too Nyingchi Peach, Ali pilgrimage over the mountain, we strongly recommend you go and see the forgotten Shannan Tibetan source of this unexplored region, the border with the south of the Himalayas, even deep in the stunning scenery of the magnificent snow-capped mountains, alpine waterfall, the mountain is covered with flowers.

In addition there are of course necessary Fam Ksitigarbha punch of the first house Yongbulakang, Tibetan Samye first temple here. Let us go one by one to decrypt barley covered plateau north of this border, south of the Himalayan snow-capped mountains of the land to see the flowers in full bloom.

Yongbulakang from Lhasa travel gyaca county, in order to see the mysterious Lhamo La-tso (now the road has been repaired, Nyingchi and Shannan loop become famous sites).

Road also occasional wild monkey, climbed altitude Pass 5000 + saw Ramla wrong, feel the thin air. See Ramla wrong, I will bow down, see the bottom of my heart, look for past life, future outlook. After passing Zetang Ramla wrong, has been the south over the Himalayas, through the picturesque beauty of the prairie, all the way to the front of a blue, take the day Yong measures in the snowy mountain wilderness like a blue gem, along the lake may have been open to southern Tibet border town – Cona.

Yong measures take the day all the way across the prairie to take over the day Yong measures that the county is wrong, wrong that in Tibetan means "in front of the lake." Cona Further south is south of the Himalayas, one of the famous Himalayan four ditch Loeb ditch.

Along the dirt road is being built (now a paved road), it has been deep into the border.

In the plateau after a time, to see such a lush forest, Fei Liu’s falls, breathing becomes big mouth, really want to suck more than a few mouthfuls of oxygen. May azaleas in full bloom along the ditch of the road has been open to the borders, and saw the East Falls section Loeb ditch in fact most important thing is not the scenery, but his cultural history.

He was in the famous McMahon line, is the opposite ditch and India in the disputed region, the map is blank. And that we are under the guidance of local friends, he has come controversy line, separated by a river, and across the Indian soldiers to exchange goods, frolicking. It is said that every year the festival, people on both sides will sing and dance together, because there is this part of Tibet.

I believe the fall will be more beautiful Loeb ditch, wrong that the other side, there is the way you can see the largest sea buckthorn forest, take the day in front of the pro-height measures are taken this road. Seabuckthorn forest Yangzhuoyongcuo Shannan barley fields In addition, there Shannan Yangzhuoyongcuo, Pu Mu Yong measures such as beautiful lakes, snow-capped mountains as well as a wealth of resources glacier, we go to Tibet, can deeply understand what this magical land .

Revised the party’s brilliance, write red youthful answer

Revised the party’s brilliance, write red youthful answer

Recently, the China New Tianjin Ecological City Taxation Bureau Tax Economics Party Branch launched the "Relive Party’s Glorious Years, Writing Red Youth Answers" Theme Party Day series activities, leading party members to relive the party’s brilliance, through learning the party’s struggle History and the heroic deeds of the martyrs firmly believe, inspire the fighting spirit, the character, enlighten the wisdom, condense the pounds of the officer entrepreneurship, bloom youth on the tax front. During the event, party members watched the "Glamor History of the Party" "I and my father" "Changjin Lake". Party members have said that they will continue to continue the red blood, pick up the "relay sticks" of the revolutionary predecessors, always listen to the party’s words, go with the party, cherish the peaceful life of today, consciously integrate personal integration into the motherland construction, implement good All tax preferential policies, useful service, take advantage of the difficulties, use the tax position to do their duties, and attack the actual actions of the hardships to firmly believe in the new journey to build the motherland. Red Youth Answer.

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Tianjin Education Committee: Implementing a number of measures to promote education cooperation and opening up

Tianjin Education Committee: Implementing a number of measures to promote education cooperation and opening up

Original title: Implement a number of measures to promote education cooperation and opening up to deeply promote the cooperation of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei education, build a business card of Luban workshop, build Tianjin brand … Recently, Tianjin Municipal Education Commission issued "Tianjin Education Modernization" 14th Five-Year Plan " Through the implementation of the promotion of education cooperation and opening up a number of measures, the promotion of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei education collaboration, accelerating the "all the way" education, and actively introduce overseas quality education resources, enhance the level of Chinese and foreign cooperation, and improve the quality of study students. By 2025, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei education collaborative development has achieved new achievements, and the level of education and opening up is further improved, and the competitiveness and influence of education development is further enhanced. According to the Municipal Education Commission, Tianjin City went deep into Tianjin to develop a national strategy to develop a national strategy, and actively undertake Beijing’s non-Capital functional disloation, planning to build a Tianjin Campus of Beijing Union Medical College. Improve the regular session mechanism of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Education Collaborative Development. Convergence the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park and other carrying platforms, coordinating high quality resources, and doing wells for basic education facilities.

Support universities to build Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Curriculum Alliance, Quality Education Resources Sharing Alliance, Promoting Course Learning Achievements Mutual recognition, teachers’ principal exchanges and so on. Building a Community of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Vocational Education Collaborative Development Community, Establishing the Technical Skills Talents Training System with Regional Industry Transformation and Upgrading. Give full play to the characteristics of education in the city, support the development of education in Xiongan New District.

Strengthening the Collaboration with the Midwest Education and Building Education to Build Wellness.

Support Tianjin Normal University High Quality Construction Beijing-Tianjin-Hei Education Collaborative Development Training Base. Deepen the cooperation between "Tong Du" regional education, and promote the basic education of "Tong Du". Supporting the development of Xiongan New District, running the Xiong’an Campus of Tianjin, Tianjin Vocational University Xiongan New District Training Base, Tianjin First Business School Xiong County. In terms of improving China and foreign cooperative running schools and human exchange, from this year, Tianjin City has played Tianjin Julia College and Tianjin Music College Julia Research Institute’s Julia Research Institute, to create an important platform for Sino-US human exchanges and cultivate high-quality music talents. . Strengthening the substantive cooperation with the world’s first-class university and academic institutions, carrying out high-level talents joint training and scientific research joint research. Strengthening higher education international collaborative innovation, encouraging colleges and universities to participate in organizing international and regional major scientific plans and scientific projects, carrying out schools with national high-level educational institutions.

With the "One Belt All Road", it is important to promote education "going out", guide colleges and universities to go to school, and build a group of high-level China and foreign cooperative running schools and exchange collaboration platforms.

At the same time, it is encouraged to participate in international production capacity cooperation with enterprises. Deepen Confucius Institute (Classroom) Connotation Construction.

Strengthening the International Understanding of Primary and Middle Schools and Establishing the Consciousness of the Community of Human Destiny.

Carry out adolescents overseas research trips, do a good job in friendly urban student international summer (winter) to order activities.

Creating a business card in Luban, is a characteristic measures for the implementation of education cooperation and openness in Tianjin. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Tianjin is integrated into the construction of "all the way", and optimizes the global layout of the Luban Workshop and builds the overseas Luban workshop.

"Comprehensive completion of the construction of 10 Luban workshops in Africa, establish an African Vocational Education Research Center. Publish the annual report of Luban Workshop, combing the construction of Ru Shi workshops, and promote the construction of Luban workshops.

"The staff of the Municipal Education Commission said.

In addition, Tianjin has built a Tianjin brand.

Play the role of the government scholarship demonstration of foreign students in Tianjin, optimize the survival structure of foreign students, and improve the proportion of academic students.

Vigobatically promote school, disciplines, programs, teaching materials, etc. of Tianjin characteristics and international competitive advantage, and enhance the attraction of foreign students. Give full play to foreign students ‘cultural experience bases and internship practice bases, improve foreign students’ social service system, and create a good study abroad.

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The total number of exhibition vehicles reached 1020, the nineteenth Guangzhou International Auto Show is about to open.

The total number of exhibition vehicles reached 1020, the nineteenth Guangzhou International Auto Show is about to open.

People’s Network Beijing November 11th (Reporter Wang Liangxiang) The 19th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Auto Show") will be in China Import and Export Fair on November 19 to 28 November 2002Hold, in which auto parts and supplies, automotive modifications, new energy, new technologies and other exhibition areas are from November 19 to 22.On November 19th, the media day is only open to domestic and foreign media and special guests.According to reports, the Guangzhou Auto Show uses the 13 exhibition halls and 3 exhibition halls of the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall, as well as the Outdoor Outpends on the Northern Square of the A District, and the exhibition is 220,000 square meters.There are 54 global starters in the Guangzhou Auto Show, 7 multinational companies starting car; 28 concept vehicles, including 9 international brand exhibition cars; domestic and foreign car companies show 241 new energy vehicles, including foreign brands88 exhibition cars.The total number of exhibition vehicles reached 1020 units.

Sichuan added 8 provincial integrity cultural bases

Sichuan added 8 provincial integrity cultural bases

  The Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, the Provincial Party Propaganda Department recently named 8 provincial integrity cultural bases. This is the second batch after naming 24 bases in 2018.

  Over the past two years, the first batch of 24 bases, to guide party members and cadres to practice the initial mission, and cultivate the people’s integrity and consciousness, and widely carry out various cultural creation activities that promote the main melody theme, so that the integrity cultural base is truly cultivated and implemented society. The cultural brand of the core values ??and dissemination of integrity concepts. After starting in May this year, the various departments of all parts of the country will promote the "three do not", strengthen the important starting of the party’s work style and clean government, and apply 23 candidate units.

Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, the Provincial Party Propaganda Department organized an expert group to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth investigation through field visits, expert review, on-site review, etc.

  In the evaluation, the expert group proposed that the base name was in addition to the deep historical and cultural heritage and the Times value. It also enhanced the way of promoting honest culture, enhancing the affinity, infectivity of the honest cultural base with the public. Attraction and permeability.

Therefore, the anime uses to use the Chengdu honest animation creation in the integrity culture propagation to be selected. In addition, the second batch of bases, as always, have strong times and local characteristics, with Chongli, Qing Zhengxiao as value orientation, which is given a distinctive connotation. Among them, there is a strong cultural ancient city policard cultural education base; there is a high-rise, the Chinese Red Military City, which has a hard work revolutionary culture, and the Red Army Long Zheng Hongjun Jinshan Memorial Hall; there is a "5 · 12" Wenchuan Earthquake Site of the Times Blot , Remains and earthquake museums; there is a first-class sage, with the poetry and inert Yishan Dashan City Da Yatang honest cultural base, Chen Ziyin’s poetry cultural education base, leading the Chinese famous Fanjiayuan Family Hospital, etc. (Reporter Chen Song).

Southeastern Guizhou: 128 disciplined cadres practical drills "big compulsory"

Southeastern Guizhou: 128 disciplined cadres practical drills "big compulsory"

"Watching such a debate is like a professional disciplined legal business class, eliminating some business ‘blind spots’, so that our understanding of the knowledge of the law is more complete." Qi Dongnan State Discipline Inspection System Trial Practice Debate After a game, the audience is very happy.

Recently, the one-week training was held in the party school of the Southeastern China, from the State Committee of the State Committee, the staff of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team, the State Congress Work Committee and 128 comrades of the county municipal discipline committee supervision committee Training. The training insists on problem-oriented, focusing on the difficulties and practical problems in current trial work, invited the provincial discipline committee, provincial supervision committee case, provincial court, provincial procuratorate, provincial lawyers association leaders, taking special teaching, exploring exchange, simulation The case of practical exercises in cases, trial practice debates, to hear the "charging energy storage" of the cadres. In addition to the centralized teaching in the day, fully utilize the evening time to conduct debate and group discussions. In the Trial Practice Debate, the participants combined with the realms learned, "whether the act of agreed the words and the act of real alone constitutes a series, how should illegal participation in private lending behavior, whether or not to manage the management of the object of borrowing constitutes a violation? Debate in debate. In the competition, all teams launched fierce arguments around the actual arguments of the day, and each game has a statement of arguing, free argument, and summing up the three stages of the illness.

Defearents, the argument, the lyrics, tat strokes, and the sound of the throwing have expressed their understanding and use of relevant laws, and the qualitative to this case, from time to time.

In addition, combined with some highlight problems and weak shorts in the trial, add 11 volumes of more than 600 pages involved in violations of six major discipline and corruption, accepting bribes, utilization of typical violations of law and duty crimes, requirement The students complete the scriptures, production trial reports and questions in 9 hours. After the test, the relevant person in charge of the State Commission’s Supervision committee was unified to comment on the case, and both in-depth understanding of the wrong knowledge, and in-depth analysis of the typical cases, so that the students will better master the learning and do it. "This training, rich in content is more and more practical.

In particular, the simulation case test and trial practice debate, gave me a special impression, finished a set of simulation case tests, which is equivalent to participating in a case of a case, and is a view of its own business capabilities.

Luo Wei, who came from Zhenyuan County Case Reason, said in his behalf. "This training is strong, the practice is strong, the training mode is flexible, diverse, taking into account theoretical and practical, more intuitive, and more effectively Disciplinary inspection and monitoring of cadres awareness, program awareness, law awareness and responsibility awareness.

Through the case of the case, to confuse, learn from the school training ‘, reinforce the’ bottom plate ‘, and fill the’ short board ‘. The relevant person in charge of the Supervision Committee of the Southeast China Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission will continue to actively lead to the latest working concepts of the central discipline committee, the Provincial Commission and the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, which regulate the requirements and mature experience practices, and strive to effectively improve the state. Trial the level of cadres, build a trial cadre of a political excessive, exquisite business, excellent style. Source: (Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

Shanghai Shouqiao elevator can’t open for two days a week, how does this kind of good value be built?

Shanghai Shouqiao elevator can’t open for two days a week, how does this kind of good value be built?

Original title: Shanghai Shouqiao elevator can’t open for two days a week, how does this kind of good value be built? People’s city people build, people’s city for people. Since this year, Shanghai is highly concerned about the strong "cross-street problem" of the public. It fully recognizes that the design and use of the bridge should be people-oriented. It is necessary to pay attention to the majority of elderly groups, especially pay special groups of disabled people, so that they can travel, feel Shanghai. good.

Under the promotion of the relevant departments, 38 people in the city have been promoted, and 106 vertical people have been installed, solving the "cross-embroidered" of the "cross stitch" in the city.

While advancing both road pedestrian bridges, some bridges that have been installed have also received attention.

For a long time, many citizens reflected through the 12345 service hotline, saying that some of the escalators of some of the bridges in this city are not good, or they are shut down for a long time; or frequently in maintenance status, the opening time is very limited, no automatic The role of escalators.

It is an embodiment of having a temperature in the city. This "warm" is in place, not only does it see if there is no vertical elevator or escalator in the bridge, but also to see if these elevators can get good management and maintenance, and the utilization rate is high. Some of the existing skylight escalators are not high, what is the reason? "Is it difficult to repair, still don’t want to open?" "I climbed a climb, it doesn’t matter, but I see someone to carry a big bag, some will hold the child, climb the stairs in the rain, feel too hard."

"Ms. who lives near Jiading Passenger Transport Center has repeatedly dials the" 12345 "to reflect the same question: The entrance to the escalator in the street bridge of the passenger center is always standing with the baffle, and the escalator is also in the state of stopping the operation. Three times here in the middle of November, all encountered the same situation.

Due to the particularity of the geographic location, most of the passers-by with a big and heavy baggage, plus the bridge about 3 floors, long walking is very difficult. The escalator does not enable, gives a road pedestrian, and passengers have a lot of inconvenience.

Ms. questioned: "The elevator is not good, still simply do not want to open?" On the afternoon of November 26, the reporter went to the scene to visit, and found that there was a lady said, the East side of Jiading Passenger Transport Center, Shengxin Road crossing the west end, high high The armrest elevator stacked two yellow baffles at the entrance, printed "dangerous, elevator maintenance and repair, prohibiting access".

Due to the Jingjing Bridge connected the passenger transportation center in the west side of Shengxin Road and the subway line 11 on the east side of Shengxun Road, often passengers went to the passenger transport center or subway station. When they arrived, they could only collapse the trolley rod of the suitcase, changed to the handle, and felt the grade level climbed to the 3rd floor high escalator. The reporter waited for an hour at the scene, did not see the maintenance worker came to repair the ladder.