The heart of the line to the destination-

The heart of the line to the destination-

  Stop and go, you can not forget that my memories.

July 6, 2021 to 7, I followed the "patriotic-by-Dream" and "Yixin Yi Yi" practice team embarked on a go Xueyan Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province kindergarten journey that is destined to change our line of heart, what is the church where we "volunteer" in.

  Origin: meaning "volunteer" in? Someone once asked me what the significance of volunteering, there really is not asking for anything in the world to pay it? In the campaign before, I can not imagine, can not answer. But after a personal experience, I would understand the lives of others bring sunshine to make the world a little more pure joy, more than a sweet laughter.

This is real is what it takes to give yourself a great comfort, why should other forms of rewards to prove? We stepped out of our way in the first practice in the footprints of the first rays of the sun Chen Hui, the destination station is Xueyan Town, Changzhou City, embroidered village.

We have to face a group of children is hosting summer classes, go on the road, I was filled with hope but harbor ill at ease. It has always been as a student, suddenly be transformed into a children’s "teacher", and implies a hint of joy among the Huangran flawless. Luckily there is mutual support between peers, once again we had a review in the hearts of "exercise" tens of millions of times on the way to class processes. This line, we took the children to carry out a "teaser innocence to the party, aesthetic education" theme painting activities. The children’s enthusiastic participation, so I swept away the stereotype of children inherent "Little Monster" is. At the scene, when they heard the soft childish suddenly say, "would be no new China without the Communist Party," the words, my heart whom shocked.

  As we age, we gain knowledge and develop the abilities, but lost early heart. Everything stresses "return", stresses "interests" seems to have become a kind of tacit understanding, our perseverance in the pursuit of personal interests of gains and losses, and gradually lost the "dedication" spirit. Now think about it, it is not the moment affluence Communists leading the people of all nationalities from scratch and struggle out of it? If there are no groups of communists fought a bloody war, selfless sacrifice their lives, how can new China? Now, but how many younger, enjoying the easy life of our ancestors paid for in blood, grab interests, forgetting what is "selfless," "selfless," "dedication"! Perhaps this is the "voluntary service" in mind, let’s young college students experience "selfless dedication" spirit in practice! In practice gradually regain lost "beginner’s mind" red genetic heritage, Geng continued revolutionary spirit, this spirit of "Inheritance" is the enduring Chinese culture, where the roots of Chinese energy continues to improve. Practice: While cleansing the soul of the bad weather, heavy rain poured down outside the house, but the house was bathed in art in "Sunshine." The children eagerly look is a good way to deal with the trouble of commuting, even let us also dressed in wet clothes in case of spring Chuitiao young children, twenties years young. In different years encounter, but had the best time of harvest. I’m full of awe on finished this lesson, the children hand-painted with "Tiananmen", "dedicated to the founding of a century birthday cake" "flag" …… often said that art without borders, in fact, inherent in the art beyond our cognitive system, we and the children in a painting we have seen the prosperity of the motherland, immortal party, have shown themselves party to celebrate the centenary of the most sincere and drink with a good brush. This is not only our children to school, but they wash salvation of our souls. We bring to the world their art, they give us feedback about the dead beautiful character.

So that we can continue moving forward at the same time, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, cherish a dream of youth, to create, to build Utopia in mind, even if the reality is always cruel, but the dream never fade, this is our re-education He won the most beautiful way, the most precious fruit. We can say that they are our teachers, three rows, it certainly has my teacher, Road have been heard, the case only.

So education is always two-way, teaching and learning are two sides make progress and promotion is the essence of education. Epilogue: place just two days of activities beginning of the dream is over, but "voluntary service" journey has just begun. This time we rewarding experience, gain a practical experience of social life for the first time experience, while also obtaining a more valuable things – dedication, spirit of cooperation.

Also keenly aware of the growing prosperity of the motherland, traveling thousands of miles of high-speed rail, urban road construction, hydroelectric construction and infrastructure network radiation throughout the country and throughout the country has invested heavily in network teaching education.

All in all can not do without the correct leadership of the Party, the Party of years, really is a happy history.

  To make the experience more rich and happy practice, we will carry out follow-up on-line teaching, distance education through remote video connection, to accompany the children for a whole summer. On the way back, with a pedestrian exchange gains and shortcomings of the past two days, a good agreement with the "cloud" lesson. During this period our team support each other, help each other with anti-wind, with the rain pouring, share music.

  Even the words are careful from the beginning of the strange, become friends then do not say, this may be the long bond between people say it’s close friend, with the joys and sorrows, from the need to say the truth.

I sigh at this group of people to support each other, they are not afraid of hardship tired spirit worthy of my learning, and also look forward to the next online "cloud" together, we will be able to keep a good pure land, so that innocence from erosion! I believe that after this friendship can always continue to become our lifelong wealth! (Correspondent Qin Kang).

US Federal Grand Jury accuses Trump consultant class farming congresses

US Federal Grand Jury accuses Trump consultant class farming congresses

On November 12, local time, the US Department of Justice announced that the Federal Grand Chartered Trum Purp Adviser Steve Bannar will sue.

Bannan was refused to provide documents to the US Congress Survey Committee in the Congress Mountain Rats and refused to testify the allegations of two contemporary congress.It is reported that the investigation committee summoned documents and testimony in the early October 2021, and the Bannong lawyers said that according to Trump’s instructions, the documents and testimony seemed by the Committee may be protected by administrative privileges, so they refuse to investigate.

The House of House submitted the Justice Department on October 21 to despise the crime of the court, and the Federal Grand Specca made the prosecution of the Congress on November 12.

(Original title: US Federal Grand Jury accused Trump before consultant class farming Congress) Source: CCTV News Client Process Editor: TF025.

Safety issues are increasingly highlighted to strengthen car data security management is imminent

Safety issues are increasingly highlighted to strengthen car data security management is imminent

In my country, it is possible to connect the Internet at any time and sharing data with the external parties to grow in an exponential growth. According to the "China Internet Development Report (2021)" released in July this year, in 2020, my country’s intelligent network car sales was 107% year-on-year.

It is expected that by 2025, my country’s L2, L3 (partially automatic driving operation in a particular environment) Intelligent Net car sales account for 50% of all car sales.

For smart network, the number of components such as the smart network, the number of components such as the camera, also has the characteristics of the data type, long duration, fast change rate, etc., this undoubtedly puts higher requirements for data security.

Following the official release of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in August this year, "Opinions on Strengthening Intelligent Network Auto Production Enterprises and Product Access Management", issued by the National Net Trunal Office, the Ministry of Public Security, etc. (Trial) "(hereinafter referred to as" provisions ") will be implemented on October 1.

The introduction of a series of documents describes that automotive data security has attracted high attention.

A few days ago, at the 2021 National Network Security Promotion Week Auto Data Security Forum, the participants discussed the new topics for automotive data security in the intelligent era.

Risk hazard big data security issues are increasingly highlighting what is car data? It is clearly suggested that automotive data includes personal information data and important data in automotive design, production, sales, use, and operation and maintenance.

"With the connection of the car network, the degree of intelligence is continuously improved, the daily system of automotive digital processing capacity, exposed automotive data security issues and risk hazards are increasing." Deputy Director, Deputy Director of the CPS Network Data Administration, said that At present, automotive data security has become the focus of general concern in the whole society, but also an important risk point affecting national security. Bao Yongneng, director of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Negotou, also held the same view.

"With the new generation of information technology and automotive industry accelerated, exposed automotive data security issues and risk hazards are also increasingly prominent, strengthening automotive data security is both an important guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of automotive industries, and is also an important aspect of the construction of network security systems.

"He said.

At the Secretary-General of the National Xin’an Standard Committee, the Party Committee Secretary, Vice President Yang Jianjun, the Party Committee of the China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute, the official implementation of the "provisions", the purpose is to standardize the processing activities of automobile data, protect personal information, individual organization legitimate rights and interests Maintain national security and social interests, and promote the rational development and utilization of automobile data.

At the same time, it is also applicable to my country’s collection, storage, use, processing, elaboration, providing, disclosure, etc. of automotive data, and its safety supervision, which is managed for the full life cycle of automotive data. In the face of challenge multi-collaboration, grab the co-management into a cooperative automotive industry is the strategic and pillar industry that promotes the manufacture of high-quality development, accelerates economic transformation and upgrading, and build an important driving force for new development patterns.

With the continuous improvement of digitization, web linkage, intelligence, cars have been transformed into high-end integrated products combined with traditional automobiles and new communication technologies.

From a network perspective, the car has become a large intelligent terminal with similar functions with the phone. With the increase in the application of the vehicle electronic and electrical products, the number of ECU (electronic control units) has increased to more than 100, which makes a bigger challenge for automotive data security management.

In this regard, Fang Weiben believes that as the automotive data collection capacity is greatly improved, it is necessary to protect the main problems of automobile data security. To take advantage of the requirements of innovation and support data security, adhere to the synchronous design and production, and simultaneously ensure data security. And protect the synergy of automotive data security protection, car data security work involves all aspects of the ecosystem of the automotive industry. Su Jing, director of the Department of Works and Information Technology, said that it is necessary to do a good job in automotive data security and network security management work, we must coordinate development and safety, fully understand the importance of automotive data security and network security management work; Safety law is fundamentally followed, comprehensive system construction of automotive data security; create an infrastructure such as safety ecology, support construction management platform, deploying car network identity authentication and security credit pilot.

"We hope to cooperate closely with relevant departments, industry communities, form multi-collaboration as soon as possible, and collapse the work of automotive data security and network security management work. Car enterprise must strictly implement the subject responsibility, establish and improve data security, network security and car network card Real-name registration management system; related institutions and industry organizations must actively study the exploration of automotive data security and network security technology standards, technical routes, and summarize best practices, and promote outstanding case demonstration applications; while strengthening industry guidance, promoting industry self-discipline, promoting industry self-discipline Beneficial development.

静 说. Strengthen management to automobile safety "lock" With the current intelligent function, software function increases, in order to reduce information security related risks, from the car owner to related technical research institutions, quality monitoring department It has also taken response to gradually study the technical solutions of the compliance. "By increasing investment in information security, now our entire security system covers the entire car, cloud, entire communication pipe, and mobile, including users Mobile phone app, etc. At the same time, we not only established a car safety operation platform, but also a information security response system. Huang Jing, a profession teacher of the Guangqi Research Institute Intelligent Net Network, China. Huawei Intelligent Automobile Solutions BU Standard Director Gao Yongqiang said that the company established a smart car solution bu in 2019, providing intelligent network, smart cabin A series of solutions and products, intelligent driving, smart car control, intelligent electric, and data platform, etc., to create a good car. "The company also establishes the entire network security management system with ICT systems, from strategic, governance and control, Section of processes and human resources for intelligent automotive network security. "In terms of data security, Geely Group built a series of systems and processes including data security governance strategies, data security organization division, data security event emergency specifications. "Huang Baohua, General Manager of Geely Holding Group Legal Center.

"We have been conducting implementation of standards, and there are more than 420 standards in the intelligent vehicle field. In the future, we will participate in more standards and continue to industry output standards.

"China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., Minister Liu Jianxin, Minister of Safety and Technology, Hope, throughout the product capacity, etc., including all kinds of solutions, including various solutions, and can see better Solution. At the same time, it also relying on test evaluation technology to help the entire industry will better improve product quality, help you produce better products. In addition, according to the organizer China Internet Development Foundation, it will continue to play the "Car Network Special Fund" The role, funding the intelligent transportation development, car network-related research and standard development, professional talent training rewards and other integration innovation series public welfare activities, promote automotive data security and car network industry development. [National Network Security Promotion Week series Report.

Shanxi Province is a corporate social responsibility blue book in Beijing

Shanxi Province is a corporate social responsibility blue book in Beijing

  Original title: Shanxi provinces enterprise social responsibility Blue Books in Beijing, the first four companies, the first concentrated release of 2002, social responsibility, Shanxi State-funded system, decisive battle, demolished, poverty, accumulated investment of more than 20 billion yuan, helping 1105 poor villages Pylorization; Shanxi provinces are a 10 million yuan for the anti-coronal pneumonia epidemic, accumulating the highway pass fee of 45 billion yuan … September 18th, "Jinhu Guangdong State-owned Enterprise Social Responsibility Forum" was held in Beijing, the provincial capitalization committee official Release "Shanxi Provincial Corporate Social Responsibility Blue Book (2021)" (hereinafter referred to as "Blue Book"), from 28 provinces and municipalities and assessment commissions, local state-owned enterprises and authority media representatives attended more than 300 people. At the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" is the first time, the province has issued the provincial enterprises to fulfill social responsibility.

The "Blue Pass" full-scale combing the practice results of the development of the Shanxi provinces reform transformation and development, multi-dimensional exhibits the consciousness of the social responsibility, systematically analyzes the characteristics of the provincial enterprise social responsibility, and fulfilling the provincial enterprises Responsibility, the national strategy overall situation is of great significance.

"Blue Book" surrounded by 8 aspects of strengthening the party’s construction, scientific and technological innovation, reform and development, leaving poverty, epidemic prevention and control, etc. Shanxi Province has always adhered to the creation of two-handed economic benefits and service national mensive people’s livelihood, actively playing national energy base effects, with strong industrial emergency and crisis response capabilities, support energy supply, supporting epidemic, stabilizing social order, and ensuring relief supplies.

Implement the "Two Mountain" concepts, withdraw from the overproduction of the coal, vigorously promote the application of coal green low-carbon technology, and actively explore the "carbon-up peak" "carbon neutral and" effective path. Coordinate resource development and ecological governance, overturbed water, water rights, water conservancy, hydraulic, water "five-water comprehensive reform", and vigorously promote ecological protection and high quality development.

  Director, secretary of the party committee and director of the Provincial State Administration, said that in recent years, Shanxi state-owned enterprises have continued to continue, and the contribution to social contribution is constantly improved. The provincial state-owned enterprises have maintained at the regional production growth contribution rate of about 30%, and pay taxes and fees 1/3 of the general public budget income in the province, total profit accounts for 1/5 of the province, and the province has steadily driven the province’s economy. During the forum, the relevant person in charge of the Holding Group, the Wenxin Group, and the Contribution Group, respectively, and 14 provincial companies have previously released the 2020 annual social responsibility report. In addition, the forum also commended the outstanding cases of the selected corporate, motivating provincial companies to actively fulfill social responsibilities and explore more performance samples.

(Reporter Liu Ruiqiang).

Speech at celebrating the 100th Anniversary Conference of the Communist Party of China

Speech at celebrating the 100th Anniversary Conference of the Communist Party of China

On June 29, 2021, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party was held in the Jin color hall of the Beijing Great Hall of the People. General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping stepped into the venue with the "July 1 Medal".

Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Tao / photo comrades, friends! For more than 100 years, all of our achievements are the results of the Chinese Communists, the Chinese people, and the Chinese nation.

Taking Mao Zedong Comrade, Comrade Deng Xiaoping, Comrade Jiang Zemin, Comrade Hu Jintao as the main representative of the main representative of the great merits of the history of the history of the Chinese nation! We express their lofty respect! At this moment, we deeply miss the Chinese revolution, construction, reform. Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yunqi, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yun, etc. Defend, building a revolutionary martyrs of new Chinese heroic sacrifice, deeply missed the revolutionary martyrs who have been bravely dedicated to the reform and opening up and socialist modernization, and all of all the benevolent people who have been independent of the national independence and the people’s liberation of tenacity.

They have a great achievement of the great achievements of the motherland and the nation! Their lofty spirit always remembers in the hearts of the people! The people are a historic creator and is a real hero.

On behalf of the Party Central Committee, I have to the majority of workers, farmers, intellectuals to the Democratic Parties and no party, people’s groups, patriotic people, and armed police and soldiers, police officers and fire rescue teams refer to the war. All socialist workers, to members of the united front, to the high respect! Sincere greetings to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan compatriots and the majority of overseas Chinese! Together with the people of the Chinese people, concerns and support the people and friends of the Chinese revolution, construction, reform cause, etc.! Comrades, friends! It is easy to stay in the initial heart.

With the history, you can be happy. We must use historical to reflect reality, and see why we can succeed from the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year struggle. How can we succeed in the future? To create a better future.

– Take history, starting the future, we must adhere to the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China. It’s up to The communist party to do thing well in China. History of the Chinese nation has been in modern times. Since the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party, the history of the People’s Republic of China has fully proved that since the founding of the People’s Republic of China has fully proved that there is no Chinese Communist Party, there is no Chinese nation.

History and people have chosen the Chinese Communist Party. The leadership of the Communist Party of China is the most essential characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is the biggest advantage of the socialist system of Chinese characteristics. It is the fundamental place of the party and the country. The life pulse is the interests of all national people, the destiny.

On the new journey, we must adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership, constantly improve the party’s leadership, enhance the "four awareness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", keep in mind "big people", continuous improvement Party science ruling, democracy, according to law, giving full play to the party’s overall situation, coordinating the core role of the parties! – Take history, create a future, must unite the Chinese people to continue to work for a better life.

Jiangshan is the people, the people are Jiangshan, playing Jiangshan, guarding the river, keeping the people’s heart. The foundation of the Communist Party of China is in the people, blood in the people, and power in the people.

The Chinese Communist Party always represents the fundamental interests of the broad masses of the people, and the people have a total of themselves, and there is no special interest, never represent any interest group, any power group, any privilege of any privilege.

Anyway to cut the Chinese Communist Party with the Chinese people, and it will never succeed! More than 95 million Chinese Communists do not agree! More than 1.4 billion Chinese people do not agree! On the new journey, we must rely on the people to create history, insist on the fundamental purpose of the people wholeheartedly, stand firmly of the people’s position, implement the party’s mass line, respect the people’s first spirit, and practice the people-oriented thinking and development. The whole process people democracy, safeguard social fairness and justice, focus on solving the problem of unbalanced development and the people’s urgent problems, promoting the full development of people, all the people share more and more enormous progress! – Take history, starting the future, and must continue to advance Marxism China.

Marxism is the fundamental guiding ideology of our partnership, which is the soul and banner of our party.

The Chinese Communist Party adheres to Marxism’s basic principles, adheres to seeking truth from facts, starting from China, insight into the era, grasping historical proactive, conducting hardships, and continuously promoting Marxism China’s Times, guiding the Chinese people to continue to promote the great social revolution.

Why is the Chinese Communist Party? Why is Chinese characteristic socialism? It is due to Marxism! On the new journey, we must adhere to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, "Three Represents" important ideas, scientific development concepts, and comprehensively implement new era of socialist thinking, and insist on the specific principles of Marxism with China. In combination, combined with China’s excellent traditional culture, use Marxism to observe the times, grasp the era, lead the era, continue to develop contemporary China Marxism, 21st Century Marxism! – Take history, create a future, and must adhere to and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Take your own path, is the party’s all theory and practice, and it is a historical conclusion of the party’s struggle.

Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the fundamental achievement of the party and the people, and pay great expenses. It is the right road to realize the great revival of the Chinese nation. We insist on developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, promoting material civilization, political civilization, spiritual civilization, social civilization, and ecological civilization, and creates Chinese style modernization path to create new forms of human civilization.

In the new journey, we must adhere to the party’s basic theory, basic route, basic form, and promote the overall layout of "five integration", coordinate the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts, and fully deepen the reform and opening up, based on the new development stage, complete , Accurate, comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, build a new development pattern, promote high-quality development, promote science and technology self-improvement, to ensure the people of the people, adhere to the law, adhere to the socialist core value system, adhere to the development of the people’s livelihood, Adhere to people and natural harmony, together with the people’s wealth, the country is strong, and China is beautiful. The Chinese nation has a brilliant civilization formed in more than 5,000 years of history. The Chinese Communist Party has a hundred years of struggle and more than 70 years of ruling. We actively learn all the benefits of human civilization. Welcome all beneficial advice and kindness criticism, but we Never accept the "teacher", 气 颐 气 说 说! The Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people will be broadcasted on their own way, and the fate of China’s development progress is firmly in their hands! – Take history, create a future, and must speed up the modernization of defense and military.

Strong country must be strong, the army can be national security. Adhere to the party directive gun, building its own people’s army, is the truth that the party is governing in the struggle of blood and fire.

The People’s Army has established immortal efforts to the party and people, and it is a strong pillar stone to defend red rivers and safeguard national dignity. It is also a powerful force for maintenance areas and world peace.

Twee afdelingen: resoluut de overmatige speculatie van grondstoffen resoluut

Twee afdelingen: resoluut de overmatige speculatie van grondstoffen resoluut

People’s Network Beijing 14 december (Shen Jiaping) "Kennisgeving" vereist solide promotie van energiezekerheid. Geef het volledige spel aan het co?rdinatiemechanisme van het kolen- en elektriciteitsgasvervoerwerk, versterking van de algehele planning van het hulpmiddel, bevorder de volledige afgifte van de productiecapaciteit van de steenkoolkwaliteit, verbetert de groei van elektriciteits- en warmtegeneratie en warmteproductie en bevordering van kolen-elektriciteitsbedrijven Verhoog de energieopwekking.

Ontwikkel een goede energieverzekering voor noodplannen, doe zo-tot-energietoevoer, bescherm de levensonderhoud en de belangrijkste gebruikers.

Alle betaalbare belastingen in het vierde kwartaal van dit jaar zijn opgeschort. Verbeter het energieverbruikende gerelateerde beleid inzake dubbele besturingselementen, strikt energieverbruik, intensiteitscontrole, maatregelen om het totale energieverbruik van energieverbruiksbeheer effectief te verbeteren en een redelijke energie voor industri?le ontwikkeling te garanderen.

Sevely Crack op alle soorten illegale activiteiten, zoals verstrooiing van valse informatie, zakelijke prijzen en kapitaalwanordelijke hype.

Tegelijkertijd, doe goed werk in de stabiliteit van bulkgrondstof.

Blijf de vraag en de vraag en de prijsveranderingen in grote grondstoffenmarkt nauwlettend volgen en verhogen krachtig de effectieve levering van grote grondstoffenmarkten en gebruik flexibel nationale reserves om marktregulering uit te voeren. Implementeer de "Belangrijke producten en serviceprijs indexbeheermaatregelen (proef)", versterking van de interpretatie van de informatie vrijgave en bevorder de regels.

Verdere versterking van het toezicht op de spotmarkt in de commodity-periode, resoluut betoverende excessieve speculatie.

Houd bovendien de belangrijkste industri?le kettingtoevoerketen glad.

Versterking van de bewerkingsmonitoring van de sleutelindustrie, het vaststellen en verbeteren van het vroege waarschuwingsmechanisme van de zaailingen van de industri?le kettingzaaien, versterken en versterken de probleemanalyse en -onderzoek, actief reageren op plotselinge situatie, en beschikt over potenti?le risico’s in de tijd.

Versnel de belangrijkste technologische innovatie- en iteratieve toepassingen van de kern en verhoog de "eerste set" "eerste batch" -toepassingsbeleidsbeleidsteun. Speel de functie "Chain Eigenaar", optimaliseer de configuratie van de industri?le ketenresource. Focus op belangrijke gebieden zoals nieuwe energievoertuigen, medische apparatuur, implementeer de "1 + n" -industrie kettingtoevoerketen in het hele veld, bevorder de industri?le keten, stroomafwaarts, grote en middelgrote ondernemingen en bevorder de ontwikkeling van de industri?le keten leveringsketen.

Diepgaande ontwikkeling van de nationale aanbodketencreatie en toepassingsdemonstratiecreatie. Verbeter de nationale kwaliteitsinfrastructuur, voert u een-stop-service uit en voert u kwaliteitsverbetering.

(Editor: Shen Jiating, Gao Lei) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

Shanxi Network Security System and Capacity Construction Training Course held in Sichuan University

Shanxi Network Security System and Capacity Construction Training Course held in Sichuan University

In order to strengthen the construction of network security system and capacity in Shanxi Province, combined with party history education, the provincial party committee network office held a province’s network security system and capacity-building training course in the national cadres and training bases of Sichuan University.

The province’s city, some key counties (cities, districts) party committees, the province’s direct units, the provincial basic telecom operation enterprises, and the key Netcom Enterprise Units is responsible for the comrades of network security work to participate in the training.

Dong Xiaolin, director of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the opening ceremony and mobilized the speech, and the deputy director of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee attended the jade ceremony and issued a certificate of completion. During the training, organized a special speech and party history of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of Xi Jinping. Important thinking, network security laws and regulations system, cyberspace governance, etc., organized a group discussion and centralized exchange discussion.

Participants said that through this centralized study, the important thinking of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important ideological ideological idea of ??online strong country is more profound, and the central government’s decision-making and provincial party committee implementation requires more accurate, in the future network security. In the work, we will strictly perform the responsibility of cybersecurity work, continuously improve network security awareness and skills, and resolutely build a barrier for network security.

Toegang voor 20 jaar landbouwervaring die een samenvatting waard is

Toegang voor 20 jaar landbouwervaring die een samenvatting waard is

Aanbevolen lezen om te voldoen aan de bedrijfscentrische beleidsrichting en serviceconcept, een inheemse en onschuldige nieuwe overheid en zakelijke relatie tot stand brengt, dan kan de afdeling overheid het effectieve pad naar het systeem vinden en de relatie van de overheid optimaliseren en het Bedrijfsomgeving en bevordering van het verstrekken van voorwaarden voor hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van particuliere economie?n. 2021-12-1314: 37 In feite wordt niet erkend dat China’s "Status van de markteconomie" voornamelijk een handige voorwaarde voor de VS en EU is. Ze kunnen een alternatief land bepalen om de amplitude van China’s antidumping te beoordelen en de druk op Chinese bedrijven en Chinese goederen te versterken.

2021-12-0809: 59 Terugkijkend in honderd jaar, zal de Chinese communistische partij altijd in staat zijn om te proberen tijdens de praktijk van de economische constructie van het leiderschap en actief te reageren op de ontwikkeling van objectieve situatie, de strategische implementatie in de tijd, praktijk aanpassen In de crisis, nieuwe machine, open het harde werk van het nieuwe bureau. 2021-12-0714: 37 In de regio en bilateraal niveau kan China lid worden van het digitale handelsstuk in de RTA-onderhandelingen in uitvoering en bestudeerd worden en streven om het bereik van het onderwerp te bevorderen, of de upgrade is ondertekend, maar heeft niet betrekking op Digitaal handelsstuk. Digitale handelsonderwerpen worden toegevoegd aan de RTA-onderhandelingen. 2021-11-2609: 54 Versnel 5G Base Station Construction and Commercial Pace, verbeteren de constructie van de kruising infrastructuur vertegenwoordigd door het datacenter, het Intelligent Computer Center en leg een solide fysieke basis voor de digitale en intelligente upgrades van traditionele industrie?n. 2021-11-1609: 34 In het "14e vijfjarenplan" moeten we een diep begrip hebben van het versterken van intellectuele eigendombescherming bij het bevorderen van het moderne economische systeem van de bouw, het stimuleren van innovatie, ondersteuning innovatieve nationale constructie en socialistische moderne nationale constructie. Het belang van de betekenis.

2021-11-0509: 32 Vanwege de ontwikkeling van het marxisme is het diep geworteld in de mensen. Voor de mensen, afhankelijk van de mensen, is het de theorie van de mensen, en de identiteit van het volk kan alleen zijn getransformeerd en China heeft de wereld veranderd. Menselijke geschiedenis en leg levendig het theoretische karakter van "Line" uit.

2021-10-2815: 56 Implementatie van een innovatieve rij-ontwikkelingsstrategie, het accelereren van een innovatief land, is een economisch systeem van hoge kwaliteit, een modern economy-systeem.

"Innovation Drive" dieper belangrijke vraag is "Drive Innovation"? 2021-10-2609: 43 In het proces van het verplaatsen naar de tweedehonderd jaar strijd, is gemeenschappelijke rijkdom een ??belangrijke strategische doelstelling geworden voor de economische ontwikkeling van mijn land, en ecologische rijke mensen kunnen ook een enorme functie en een rol spelen.

Van 2021-10-2109: 34 Vanuit het perspectief van de bouwervaring is de kruising van slimme stedelijke constructie betrokken bij de regering om deel te nemen aan de samenleving, en het multi-hoofdlichaam, gediversifieerde modeltransformatie van gezamenlijke bouwoperaties " Leidraad + Markt Lood + Public Participatie "Het waarde-model is de moeite waard om te verwijzen. 2021-10-1909: 26 Toekomst in de centrale stad en de omliggende stedelijke cirkels, zal de bevolking blijven groeien.

En in de omtrek van de centrale stad zal de bevolking verschijnen.

Om aan de trend van re-lay-out te voldoen, zijn deze populatie, het stedelijke en landelijke en regionale ontwikkelingsbeleid vereist om differentiatie uit te voeren.

2021-10-1514: 04 Digitale beschavingconstructie is een systematisch project, dat meerdere-niveau-inhoud van economische, politieke, culturele, mentale, omgeving, en continue optimalisatie van sociale relaties van sociale digitale, een ordentelijke, effici?nte ontwikkeling van alle aspecten zal zijn. Maak handige omstandigheden.

2021-10-1310: 00 Nationale dag, Meng Liangzhou wordt geretourneerd.

Na het ervaren van stormen, bedankte ze de bevolking van het moederland. Ze kreeg diep een sterk moederland. Toen ze het vliegtuig liep, zei ze dat mensen een goede zin hadden: "Er is een rode vlag van vijf sterren is een trouwe vuurtoren. "

2021-10-0909: 24 China gebruikt 9% van gecultiveerd land in de wereld, goed voor bijna 20% van de wereld, en neemt actief deel aan de wereldwijde eliminatie van honger- en voedselhandel, lost niet alleen het voedselprobleem van meer dan niet op 1,4 miljard mensen, maar ook voor de World Food Security maakte een prominente bijdrage. 2021-10-0409: 07 Bevordering van de constructie van het Yellow River National Cultural Park is een strategische startpersoon, taak, systematisch en sterk systeem, en moet goed worden gepland en moeten goed worden gepland. 2021-10-0209: 07 Bekijk het historische proces van hervorming en het openen gedurende meer dan 40 jaar, de Chinese communistische partij heeft altijd in staat geweest om de crisis te draaien als de overdracht en de ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit te bevorderen en rijk en waardevol zijn geaccumuleerd Historische ervaring in dit praktijkproces. 2021-09-2614: 57 De American Democratische "transformatie" van de Verenigde Staten voor 20 jaar Afghanistan is slechts een farce van de Amerikaanse zelfgestuurde, "Kabul Time" opnieuw gaf de VS "Universal Value" Pseudo-masker opnieuw op.

2021-09-1509: 18 "Actief uitvoeren, doen niet Wensen", bevorderen de gemeenschappelijke welvaart van meer dan 14 miljard mensen, "China’s regels" -praktijken is het krachtige vertrouwen en de kracht van de wereldvrede en de ontwikkeling, volledig weerspiegelt een Verantwoordelijkheid en verantwoordelijkheid van het grote land zou moeten zijn. 2021-08-3110: 05 China is momenteel overtuigd van de belangrijkste knooppunten van de tweede moderne transformatie in het eerste moderniseringsproces, het is noodzakelijk om te leren van de geavanceerde ervaring van de eerste moderne overgang van ontwikkelde landen en de eerste keer voor de eerste keer. NIEUW Situatie van de tweede moderne transformatie. 2021-08-1614: 42 Governance Corruptie, hechten aan het Partij- en Nationaal Supervisiesysteem, moeten zich houden aan accurate metei, door continu verdieping van hervorming en zuivering politieke ecologie, de macro-politieke kosten van corruptie herstellen, en de "toxines" ge?nduceerde corruptie . 2021-08-1014: 58.

Some prevention zones in Aihui District, Hehe City implement new management methods

Some prevention zones in Aihui District, Hehe City implement new management methods

People’s Network Harbin November 15 (Han Tu) On November 15 The Minimum of Low-Risk Levels and Releases the Pipe Control Work Program "requires that the assessment of the district headquarters expert group is decided to increase the risk level, and the defense zone after the risk level is decided to lower the risk level according to the new Management is implemented: residents in the community can use the building units, time-to-peak activities in the community, avoid gathering, stringent gates, out of the community.

The specific list is as follows: Garden Street, Jiayuan, Border AB Building, Court Raise Building, Local Tax Community, Shui’an Haoting Community, ICBC Community, Road Jiayuan, Building Material Community Building, Financial Community, Oriental Sunshine Community Leather Factory Building, Eastern Sunshine Community Personnel Bureau family building, Huaxia Community (Building 18 Building), Forestry Tuber Building.

Xing’an Street’s rich community, the family of the Labor Bureau, the family building of Tiexi market.

Yalan Ya Court, Grain Home, Land 9 Building Area – Warm Food Factory Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next … Apartment, Xinyi Park, Xingcheng Living Area, Luyuan Chunfuyuan (Tobacco Company West Side Entrance), Luyuan Chunfuyuan (China Bank Door), Luyuan Chunfuyuan (District Women and Child Health Hospital East Door Cave), Building 3, Building 2, Guanyuan, Agricultural Bank, China Bank, Building 2 Building, Building 2, China. Xiuxing Street’s dynamic examination family building, agricultural research family building, electric industry community, Guangyu Community.

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Shows the charm of national folk dance – thinking about the 13th China Dance "Lotus Award"

Shows the charm of national folk dance – thinking about the 13th China Dance "Lotus Award"

  Whether the medium mode, the expression is changed, the dance creator always returns to life, and the Chinese excellent traditional culture "is in the heart" Recently, the 13th China Dance "Lotus Award" National Folk Dance Awards ended in Jinan. From all kinds of art mission, colleges and universities, the 328 national folk dance works registration, 6 works award. Advance the number of works, high quality, fully reflecting the richness of dance creation materials and themes, providing a useful enlightenment for dance creation.

  National folk dance is an important part of China’s outstanding traditional culture, with powerful vitality and unique charm. How to in the national style, national characteristics, national aesthetics, deeply dig the connotation of national folk culture, and create traditional dance materials, innovative development, is an important topic facing by creators. "Internet +" has built a broader platform for dances, and people’s attention is continuously improved, and artistic dissemination and development have entered a new stage.

National folk dance achieves "broken circles" spread and innovation, still return to the art body.

  The art form of Chinese folk dance is always developing.

The creator moved the national folk dance from the large land to the stage, giving the connotation of the era, injected into contemporary aesthetics.

In the 13th China Dance "Lotus Award" National Folk Dance Competition, the men’s group dance of 22 people in the Xinjiang Arts College, "Mai Cotti in the sun" enthusiastically, and the vitality of the moving, will not The material cultural heritage sword dance and Shandong Gaozi Yangge have smartly, expressing the beautiful life of Xinjiang people in the heart of the party.

The original work of Changchun Humanities, "The Field" will closely combine the era of new rural construction and the sleeves of Jilin Province, which not only shows the realistic picture of new rural construction, but also expresses the people’s heart full of gain, happiness . The "Romantic Grassland" selected by the Hohhot National Performing Arts Group National Songs and Dance Theater is combined with the beauty of the Mongolian prairie and the grassland people’s beauty, and the world is vast, and the romantic feelings of the romantic feelings of the grassland people. The "Mount" of the Shandong University of Art Dance Academy is based on the dynamic rhythm of the drums, and the tough image of the mount of the work of the work of the work of the work of the people. Trough the people, rooted native, flying art imagination, in order to trigger emotion resonance, sublimation of thought expression.

A excellent national folk dance work should let the audience can taste the beauty of art and harvest deep cultural philosophy.

From this perspective, this "Lotus Award" work provides innovative ideas. Going out of the "small circle" "ivory tower", in the hot life of profound changes, the creator found the source of inspiration.

The deep grasp of the national folk dance instructions is inseparable from the field investigation.

Creators only have in-depth living, touched themselves, believe in the role, can be sincerely expressing, moving the audience.

Since 2015, the Chinese Dancers Association launched a series of dance practice activities of "in-depth life, rooting people", which is an active attempt to create dance. Young people such as Wang Mei, Tianlu, Wang Wei were in the organization, in-depth in Tibet, Hainan, Hebei, Hunan, Inner Mongolia and other regions to feel the national folk customs, fully understand the local national dance culture and absorb the nutrients. In the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Mai Cai County, the dance work "Mai Caixi" in the sun, Zhang Peng saw the local village capacity in the "visit Huiju" resident team team members and aids. Village has undergone tremendous changes.

The elderly in the square, the wonderful performance of folk artists, the cultural walls in the village, etc. Dance is the art of pursuing beauty, express beauty and creating beauty, reflecting creators’ understanding of the world, attitude towards culture, national folk dance should have the artistic pursuit of "beautiful beauty, beauty and common".

In this "Lotus Award", the dance "a big river" in Zhejiang Music Academy has translated the river’s rumor, and there is a poetry and painting while expressing the poetry. Dance borrowed a woman’s image and the section show the flow of "rivers", in the image of the "Da River", the dancer combines the "Da River" through the extension of the fan and the body, through the three curves, The angle transformation is to create a life-friendly flu in the body, and the four movements of "trembling, stri, shaking, teavage, tendry" in the scorpion lamp are extracted, and the traditional dance is innovative.

The dance "Carnival Little Junhua" created by Yantai City Cultural Art Center, "Carnival Little Juncuihua" passed the "Haoyang Geng Ge", and the lively scene of the northern traditional rural market. Whether the media is moderate, the expression is changed, and the dance creator always returns to life, and the Chinese excellent traditional culture "is in the heart", through the work, let more people understand the deep and dance art of the Chinese national culture and the unique charm of dance art. .