Suicide rate climbed Japan high school intended to resume mental health education

Suicide rate climbed Japan high school intended to resume mental health education

  In view of the rise in Japan’s suicide rates in recent years, plus new crown epidemic brings students’ mental stress, the Japanese government is intended to restore 40 years of mental health education in high school in spring next year.

  According to Japanese Common Social report, based on the high school new curriculum guidelines developed by the Japanese government, the health and sports textbooks used in spring will increase the content, specializing in the prevention and response of psychological problems. The new content not only tells the pathogenesis of students’ psychological diseases, but also tells the experiences of psychological diseases such as depression and the method of addressing psychological stress, helping students recognize that anyone may have psychological problems, find and treatment as soon as possible. Improve the chance of rehabilitation.

  The Japanese Sports Hall said that Japanese high school canceled mental health courses since the 1982 fiscal year.

However, with the increase in suicide in primary and secondary schools, psychological diseases such as depression have been considered to be one of the factors that cause this trend, so some people think it is necessary to resume mental health education. Common Society quoted relevant data reports that the number of suicides in Japan primary and secondary school students further increased, reaching 499 people during the New Crown epidemic.

  Sasaki, a professor of Psychiatry, Tokyo, Sasaki, said many foreign research showed that the peak of most psychological diseases was concentrated in the early stage of the adolescent stage. He welcomed high school necessary to recover mental health content, but also pointed out that the entire compulsory education in primary and junior high school should be introduced into mental health education in the ideal state.

  Sasaki appeals to schools to establish a broad network of cooperation, covering teachers, school nurses, and administrative personnel to provide more psychological counseling opportunities to students.

He said: "It is impossible to help depressed children by delivering knowledge.

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Shanxi Province to strengthen the photovoltaic poverty alleviation project asset management site promotion meeting

Shanxi Province to strengthen the photovoltaic poverty alleviation project asset management site promotion meeting

  Original title: The province’s strengthening of the Guangwu Poverty Poverty Project Asset Management Site Promotion Association held on June 19th, the province to strengthen the Guangwu Poverty Alleviation Project Asset Management Site Promotion Association held in Wuxiang County, Changzhi City. At the meeting, the participants visited the operation of asset management of photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects in Wuxiang County; related comrades in Wuxiang County, Shilou County, Guangling County, Baode County did a communication statement; arrange the deployment of the next stage Village-level power plant management training work. The meeting requests, to resolutely implement the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Poverty Alleviation Work, Important Directive in Shanxi Province, playing the important role of photovoltaic population in consolidating expansion of the outstanding results, and the gas is solved with the current contradiction and problem, ensuring photovoltaic Poverty alleviation power station healthy.

  The meeting emphasized that all local responsibilities should be aimed at the main responsibility, and the village-level photovoltaic poverty alleviation is important way to strengthen the rural collective economy, and do a good job in the management of the village-level power plant management, standardize the PV poverty reduction and distribution mechanism, and promote the management of photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects. All work, in the new journey of the new journey of the country to promote the renewal of the rural residence, meet the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent results. (Reporter Li Quanhong).

The paving "Bright Blind Road" "Guangming Cinema" held a national linkage public welfare screening activity

The paving "Bright Blind Road" "Guangming Cinema" held a national linkage public welfare screening activity

Recommended reading 2021-12-1411: 21202-12-1410: 18 Gansu Province Zhangye Color Danxia in the white snow, trailing, colorful, look extra beautiful, beautiful. 2021-12-1309: 2613, as the main activities of 2021 (22nd) Hainan International Tourism Island Happy Festival, 2021 (6th) Hainan World Leisure Tourism Expo, 2021 (7th Hainan International Tourism Food Expo, 2021 (Second) Hainan International Tourism Equipment Expo is held at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center. 2021-12-1116: 23 December 4, 2021, from the high-altitude overlooking the Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province, the red river, the curved and orderly lines are like the texture of the earth, colorful, magnificent, magnificent, 2021-12-1010: 572021 On December 9, the armed police officers and soldiers conducted through cloud ladder training. 2021-12-1010: 07 "Star Avenue" 2021 final fourth game will land on CCTV-1 on December 11th, and log in to CCTV-3 on the next 12th. After the fierce competition of the third "Star Golden Qu", the "Flowers and Sound, Watches must win" the speech team, and directly entered the fifth game under the leadership of Zhang Liang. 2021-12-0913: 21 Liangtui Ancient Village is ancient village, a residence of rivers, and 260 existing buildings. There is a flavor in the light of winter warm sun, ushered in tourists from all over the country. 2021-12-0911: On December 8, 2021, the first rehearsal of "Campus Football Operation" is the theme of "Campus Football Operation", and let students contact football from the football distance through the football operation. Feel the happiness of football, welcome the arrival of World Football Day on December 9th 2021-12-0910: 54 Hebei Baoding Wangdu County Nantuan Primary School, students practicing and playing drums.

The primary school is interested in hobbies, set up Asai vectors, roller skating, curling, paper-cut, painting, dance, etc. 2021-12-0909: 36 December 7, 2021, dock workers dine in Lianyungang Port Container Terminal "Love Station". 2021-12-0809: 512021-12-0714: 32 December 6, 2021, in Donghai County E-Hai County, Jiangsu, Jiangsu Province E-commerce Logistics Center, courier employees are changing packaging skills competitions.

2021-12-0710: On December 6, 2021, the Operation of the Music (Danjiang) to Jia (Musi) high-speed railway built by China Railway 12th Bureau Group.

2021-12-0709: 52 December 6, 2021, Shanghai Concert Hall Outdoor Square, Ginkgo, "Golden A", attracting the public to call. In the late autumn, Shanghai Street is colorful, autumn picturesque 2021-12-0709: 37 Chinese dream is a national dream, and it is also a dream of every Chinese.

Dreams have never been inherited by historical inheritance, and there is more context. From the Xinhua Xia Xia Xia Xianxia, ??an ancient new weather in the new era, we used to be brilliant, and once blunt. 2021-12-0614: On December 5, 202, December 5, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Industrial Park, pine forest-sur-Isolated Dormings, beautiful, attracting many tourists to come and entertain. 2021-12-0610: 4612, 5, "Run Bar" Children’s Youth Theme Fitness Activity – 2021 Anhui U Series Roller Sliding League Finals held in Hefei Binhu Wheel Slide, the province 10 city team 221 Name athlete.

2021-12-0610: 45 Years of a group of laplic gullets and heron birds assembled in the Northern Hong Kong Water Area, Jiangxi Province, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. The county’s ecological environment continues to improve, and each year, the category and quantity of wintering migratory birds have increased year by year, and many migratory birds have slowly become "bird".

2021-12-0609: 33 December 5, 2021, Hebei Jixi County plum boxing teenager is rectifying large martial arts programs "Meiai Shengshi", let Plum Boxing into the broad masses of the people. 2021-12-0609: 32.

Shenzhen round-trip Zhuhai Zhongshan part route

Shenzhen round-trip Zhuhai Zhongshan part route

Original title: Shenzhen travel to and from Zhuhai Zhongshan, China This year, the Typhoon "Concregular" is on Hainan, which has gradually weakened the wind and rain of Guangdong.

The reporter learned that in order to protect the general public, the Shenzhen Shipping Group will resume most of the flight from Shenzhen Shekou Cruise Center, Shenzhen Airport Pier, Zhuhai, Zhongshan Airport Terminal, from October 14. On the 14th, the Shenzhen Shekou Cold Center to Zhuhai Jiuzhou Port will resume 14 shifts, the service time is from 9:00 to 21:00; on the 15th, the route will resume 16 shifts, the service time is 8:00 Continuous until 21:00.

  On the 14th, Shenzhen Airport Terminal to Zhuhai Jiuzhou Port recovered 6 shifts, service time from 11:50 to 19:40. From the 15th, the route is expected to return to 8 shifts, and the service time will last from 8:50 to 19:40.

  On the 14th, Shenzhen Airport Terminal to Zhongshan round-trip route will also restore 4 shifts, service time is from 12:00 to 18: 30; from the 15th, the route will return to 6 shifts, the service time continues from 8:30 to 18 : 30. In addition, according to the planning arrangement, the Shenzhen Shekou Cruise Center to the relevant island (Dong’ao Island, Outer Island, Guishan Island) will resume normal operations on the 15th. The flight time and fare will be consistent with the previous.

  For specific information about related routes, citizens and passenger friends can query in the WeChat WeChat public account, applet, and China Merchants Snake Cruise Mother and Hong Kong, Shenzhen Airport Pier.

  Some routes resume operations will help restore the convenience between Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macau sanctuary. Subsequent, Shenzhen Shipping Group will also flexibly adjust the relevant capacity arrangements based on the actual situation of passenger flow, and maximize the safe, orderly, and happy travel. Shenzhen Shipping Group reminded the public, please pay attention to the weather changes and destination prevention policy, in time before travel, please inquire about weather conditions and flight information, plan a good stroke in advance; please do personal protective measures when traveling, actively cooperate with the terminal, passenger ship staff The body temperature detection and health code is worked, and the whole process is wearing a mask, less gather, keep the "one meter distance".

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The heart of the line to the destination-

The heart of the line to the destination-

  Stop and go, you can not forget that my memories.

July 6, 2021 to 7, I followed the "patriotic-by-Dream" and "Yixin Yi Yi" practice team embarked on a go Xueyan Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province kindergarten journey that is destined to change our line of heart, what is the church where we "volunteer" in.

  Origin: meaning "volunteer" in? Someone once asked me what the significance of volunteering, there really is not asking for anything in the world to pay it? In the campaign before, I can not imagine, can not answer. But after a personal experience, I would understand the lives of others bring sunshine to make the world a little more pure joy, more than a sweet laughter.

This is real is what it takes to give yourself a great comfort, why should other forms of rewards to prove? We stepped out of our way in the first practice in the footprints of the first rays of the sun Chen Hui, the destination station is Xueyan Town, Changzhou City, embroidered village.

We have to face a group of children is hosting summer classes, go on the road, I was filled with hope but harbor ill at ease. It has always been as a student, suddenly be transformed into a children’s "teacher", and implies a hint of joy among the Huangran flawless. Luckily there is mutual support between peers, once again we had a review in the hearts of "exercise" tens of millions of times on the way to class processes. This line, we took the children to carry out a "teaser innocence to the party, aesthetic education" theme painting activities. The children’s enthusiastic participation, so I swept away the stereotype of children inherent "Little Monster" is. At the scene, when they heard the soft childish suddenly say, "would be no new China without the Communist Party," the words, my heart whom shocked.

  As we age, we gain knowledge and develop the abilities, but lost early heart. Everything stresses "return", stresses "interests" seems to have become a kind of tacit understanding, our perseverance in the pursuit of personal interests of gains and losses, and gradually lost the "dedication" spirit. Now think about it, it is not the moment affluence Communists leading the people of all nationalities from scratch and struggle out of it? If there are no groups of communists fought a bloody war, selfless sacrifice their lives, how can new China? Now, but how many younger, enjoying the easy life of our ancestors paid for in blood, grab interests, forgetting what is "selfless," "selfless," "dedication"! Perhaps this is the "voluntary service" in mind, let’s young college students experience "selfless dedication" spirit in practice! In practice gradually regain lost "beginner’s mind" red genetic heritage, Geng continued revolutionary spirit, this spirit of "Inheritance" is the enduring Chinese culture, where the roots of Chinese energy continues to improve. Practice: While cleansing the soul of the bad weather, heavy rain poured down outside the house, but the house was bathed in art in "Sunshine." The children eagerly look is a good way to deal with the trouble of commuting, even let us also dressed in wet clothes in case of spring Chuitiao young children, twenties years young. In different years encounter, but had the best time of harvest. I’m full of awe on finished this lesson, the children hand-painted with "Tiananmen", "dedicated to the founding of a century birthday cake" "flag" …… often said that art without borders, in fact, inherent in the art beyond our cognitive system, we and the children in a painting we have seen the prosperity of the motherland, immortal party, have shown themselves party to celebrate the centenary of the most sincere and drink with a good brush. This is not only our children to school, but they wash salvation of our souls. We bring to the world their art, they give us feedback about the dead beautiful character.

So that we can continue moving forward at the same time, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, cherish a dream of youth, to create, to build Utopia in mind, even if the reality is always cruel, but the dream never fade, this is our re-education He won the most beautiful way, the most precious fruit. We can say that they are our teachers, three rows, it certainly has my teacher, Road have been heard, the case only.

So education is always two-way, teaching and learning are two sides make progress and promotion is the essence of education. Epilogue: place just two days of activities beginning of the dream is over, but "voluntary service" journey has just begun. This time we rewarding experience, gain a practical experience of social life for the first time experience, while also obtaining a more valuable things – dedication, spirit of cooperation.

Also keenly aware of the growing prosperity of the motherland, traveling thousands of miles of high-speed rail, urban road construction, hydroelectric construction and infrastructure network radiation throughout the country and throughout the country has invested heavily in network teaching education.

All in all can not do without the correct leadership of the Party, the Party of years, really is a happy history.

  To make the experience more rich and happy practice, we will carry out follow-up on-line teaching, distance education through remote video connection, to accompany the children for a whole summer. On the way back, with a pedestrian exchange gains and shortcomings of the past two days, a good agreement with the "cloud" lesson. During this period our team support each other, help each other with anti-wind, with the rain pouring, share music.

  Even the words are careful from the beginning of the strange, become friends then do not say, this may be the long bond between people say it’s close friend, with the joys and sorrows, from the need to say the truth.

I sigh at this group of people to support each other, they are not afraid of hardship tired spirit worthy of my learning, and also look forward to the next online "cloud" together, we will be able to keep a good pure land, so that innocence from erosion! I believe that after this friendship can always continue to become our lifelong wealth! (Correspondent Qin Kang).

Shanxi Province is a corporate social responsibility blue book in Beijing

Shanxi Province is a corporate social responsibility blue book in Beijing

  Original title: Shanxi provinces enterprise social responsibility Blue Books in Beijing, the first four companies, the first concentrated release of 2002, social responsibility, Shanxi State-funded system, decisive battle, demolished, poverty, accumulated investment of more than 20 billion yuan, helping 1105 poor villages Pylorization; Shanxi provinces are a 10 million yuan for the anti-coronal pneumonia epidemic, accumulating the highway pass fee of 45 billion yuan … September 18th, "Jinhu Guangdong State-owned Enterprise Social Responsibility Forum" was held in Beijing, the provincial capitalization committee official Release "Shanxi Provincial Corporate Social Responsibility Blue Book (2021)" (hereinafter referred to as "Blue Book"), from 28 provinces and municipalities and assessment commissions, local state-owned enterprises and authority media representatives attended more than 300 people. At the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" is the first time, the province has issued the provincial enterprises to fulfill social responsibility.

The "Blue Pass" full-scale combing the practice results of the development of the Shanxi provinces reform transformation and development, multi-dimensional exhibits the consciousness of the social responsibility, systematically analyzes the characteristics of the provincial enterprise social responsibility, and fulfilling the provincial enterprises Responsibility, the national strategy overall situation is of great significance.

"Blue Book" surrounded by 8 aspects of strengthening the party’s construction, scientific and technological innovation, reform and development, leaving poverty, epidemic prevention and control, etc. Shanxi Province has always adhered to the creation of two-handed economic benefits and service national mensive people’s livelihood, actively playing national energy base effects, with strong industrial emergency and crisis response capabilities, support energy supply, supporting epidemic, stabilizing social order, and ensuring relief supplies.

Implement the "Two Mountain" concepts, withdraw from the overproduction of the coal, vigorously promote the application of coal green low-carbon technology, and actively explore the "carbon-up peak" "carbon neutral and" effective path. Coordinate resource development and ecological governance, overturbed water, water rights, water conservancy, hydraulic, water "five-water comprehensive reform", and vigorously promote ecological protection and high quality development.

  Director, secretary of the party committee and director of the Provincial State Administration, said that in recent years, Shanxi state-owned enterprises have continued to continue, and the contribution to social contribution is constantly improved. The provincial state-owned enterprises have maintained at the regional production growth contribution rate of about 30%, and pay taxes and fees 1/3 of the general public budget income in the province, total profit accounts for 1/5 of the province, and the province has steadily driven the province’s economy. During the forum, the relevant person in charge of the Holding Group, the Wenxin Group, and the Contribution Group, respectively, and 14 provincial companies have previously released the 2020 annual social responsibility report. In addition, the forum also commended the outstanding cases of the selected corporate, motivating provincial companies to actively fulfill social responsibilities and explore more performance samples.

(Reporter Liu Ruiqiang).

Shanxi Network Security System and Capacity Construction Training Course held in Sichuan University

Shanxi Network Security System and Capacity Construction Training Course held in Sichuan University

In order to strengthen the construction of network security system and capacity in Shanxi Province, combined with party history education, the provincial party committee network office held a province’s network security system and capacity-building training course in the national cadres and training bases of Sichuan University.

The province’s city, some key counties (cities, districts) party committees, the province’s direct units, the provincial basic telecom operation enterprises, and the key Netcom Enterprise Units is responsible for the comrades of network security work to participate in the training.

Dong Xiaolin, director of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the opening ceremony and mobilized the speech, and the deputy director of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee attended the jade ceremony and issued a certificate of completion. During the training, organized a special speech and party history of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of Xi Jinping. Important thinking, network security laws and regulations system, cyberspace governance, etc., organized a group discussion and centralized exchange discussion.

Participants said that through this centralized study, the important thinking of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important ideological ideological idea of ??online strong country is more profound, and the central government’s decision-making and provincial party committee implementation requires more accurate, in the future network security. In the work, we will strictly perform the responsibility of cybersecurity work, continuously improve network security awareness and skills, and resolutely build a barrier for network security.

The party’s leadership is the fundamental guarantee of the great revival of the Chinese nation.

The party’s leadership is the fundamental guarantee of the great revival of the Chinese nation.

The leadership position of the Communist Party of China is the choice of history, and it is also the people’s heavy confrontation. It is determined by China’s historical logic, political logic, and practical logic since modern times.

It is there is a strong leader of the party, and the Chinese people have fundamentally change their own destiny. China’s development has achieved great achievements of the world-famous, and the Chinese nation ushered in the great revival of bright prospects.

The leadership of the Communist Party of China is the fundamental place of the party and the state. The life pulse is the interests of the people of all ethnic groups in the country, and the happiness is the fundamental political guarantee of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The party’s comprehensive leadership provides fundamental political guarantees for national rejuvenation. Realize the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, demanding that the Chinese nation has always maintained a high degree of unity and unity, a heart, and a great struggle to promote great struggle, and promote great cause.

To do this, we must build a great project to persist and strengthen the comprehensive leadership of the party. This is the most fundamental political guarantee of national rejuvenation.

In the past 1999, under the leadership of the party, China has achieved the earth-shaking change, so that we will usher in the bright future of the great revival of the Chinese nation. The purpose of the Communist Party of China is to serve the people wholeheartedly, developed for the people, so the Chinese Communist Party has always guaranteed and improving people’s livelihood, the people’s living standards have greatly improved, and the people’s happiness has become increasingly enhanced. The contradiction between the society is also quietly changed. In the journey of realizing the great revival of the Chinese nationality, all the Communists have confidence, and they are determined to achieve their goals one by one. The party’s comprehensive leadership provides scientific ideas for national rejuvenation. In a modernization of more than 1.3 billion people, it is a feat that has never been seen in human history. Naturally face the risk and challenges of human history. In the process of economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological civilization, in the process of achieving the "two-year hundred years" struggle, scientific thinking leads to the premise of conjunction, and it is also correct to respond to various risks and challenges, always along The premise of correct road advancement. Only by persistence and strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership, in the new era of Xi Jinping, the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking armed the whole party, educate the people to ensure the great revival of the Chinese nation’s great revival.

Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the common wishes and enthusiasm of all Chinese children, and the premier political premise of achieving the great revival of the Chinese nation is the comprehensive leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.

Today, socialism with Chinese characteristics enters the new era, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has come to a major historical joint point: comprehensive construction of a well-off society, the new journey of building a socialist modern country will be opened.

At present, correctly grasp the basic conditions of the Chinese nation, national conditions, party love, and comprehensive analysis to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation. We can deeply recognize that we have always adhered to and strengthen the comprehensive leadership of the party, so that the people of all ethnic groups across the country are closely united around the Chinese Communist Party. The fundamental guarantee of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. (Source: Shen Feng in Anting Town (Editor: Intern, Han Qing).

Revised the party’s brilliance, write red youthful answer

Revised the party’s brilliance, write red youthful answer

Recently, the China New Tianjin Ecological City Taxation Bureau Tax Economics Party Branch launched the "Relive Party’s Glorious Years, Writing Red Youth Answers" Theme Party Day series activities, leading party members to relive the party’s brilliance, through learning the party’s struggle History and the heroic deeds of the martyrs firmly believe, inspire the fighting spirit, the character, enlighten the wisdom, condense the pounds of the officer entrepreneurship, bloom youth on the tax front. During the event, party members watched the "Glamor History of the Party" "I and my father" "Changjin Lake". Party members have said that they will continue to continue the red blood, pick up the "relay sticks" of the revolutionary predecessors, always listen to the party’s words, go with the party, cherish the peaceful life of today, consciously integrate personal integration into the motherland construction, implement good All tax preferential policies, useful service, take advantage of the difficulties, use the tax position to do their duties, and attack the actual actions of the hardships to firmly believe in the new journey to build the motherland. Red Youth Answer.

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Shanghai Shouqiao elevator can’t open for two days a week, how does this kind of good value be built?

Shanghai Shouqiao elevator can’t open for two days a week, how does this kind of good value be built?

Original title: Shanghai Shouqiao elevator can’t open for two days a week, how does this kind of good value be built? People’s city people build, people’s city for people. Since this year, Shanghai is highly concerned about the strong "cross-street problem" of the public. It fully recognizes that the design and use of the bridge should be people-oriented. It is necessary to pay attention to the majority of elderly groups, especially pay special groups of disabled people, so that they can travel, feel Shanghai. good.

Under the promotion of the relevant departments, 38 people in the city have been promoted, and 106 vertical people have been installed, solving the "cross-embroidered" of the "cross stitch" in the city.

While advancing both road pedestrian bridges, some bridges that have been installed have also received attention.

For a long time, many citizens reflected through the 12345 service hotline, saying that some of the escalators of some of the bridges in this city are not good, or they are shut down for a long time; or frequently in maintenance status, the opening time is very limited, no automatic The role of escalators.

It is an embodiment of having a temperature in the city. This "warm" is in place, not only does it see if there is no vertical elevator or escalator in the bridge, but also to see if these elevators can get good management and maintenance, and the utilization rate is high. Some of the existing skylight escalators are not high, what is the reason? "Is it difficult to repair, still don’t want to open?" "I climbed a climb, it doesn’t matter, but I see someone to carry a big bag, some will hold the child, climb the stairs in the rain, feel too hard."

"Ms. who lives near Jiading Passenger Transport Center has repeatedly dials the" 12345 "to reflect the same question: The entrance to the escalator in the street bridge of the passenger center is always standing with the baffle, and the escalator is also in the state of stopping the operation. Three times here in the middle of November, all encountered the same situation.

Due to the particularity of the geographic location, most of the passers-by with a big and heavy baggage, plus the bridge about 3 floors, long walking is very difficult. The escalator does not enable, gives a road pedestrian, and passengers have a lot of inconvenience.

Ms. questioned: "The elevator is not good, still simply do not want to open?" On the afternoon of November 26, the reporter went to the scene to visit, and found that there was a lady said, the East side of Jiading Passenger Transport Center, Shengxin Road crossing the west end, high high The armrest elevator stacked two yellow baffles at the entrance, printed "dangerous, elevator maintenance and repair, prohibiting access".

Due to the Jingjing Bridge connected the passenger transportation center in the west side of Shengxin Road and the subway line 11 on the east side of Shengxun Road, often passengers went to the passenger transport center or subway station. When they arrived, they could only collapse the trolley rod of the suitcase, changed to the handle, and felt the grade level climbed to the 3rd floor high escalator. The reporter waited for an hour at the scene, did not see the maintenance worker came to repair the ladder.