Economic Daily Holding Data Version Hundred Issues Symposium

Economic Daily Holding Data Version Hundred Issues Symposium

[] [Font size] [] Economic Daily Data Edition 100 Symposium on December 24th in Beijing. The theme of the meeting is "Reading the Economy of the Hundred Phases", and it has conducted in -depth discussions and exchanges on what breakthroughs have been achieved around the data version from 0 to 1, and what thinking and revelation.

  Zheng Qingdong, president and editor -in -chief of the Economic Daily, said at the meeting that General Secretary Xi Jinping attached great importance to the digital economy and mentioned the height of "related to the overall national development security situation". As the Central Party Daily and Economic Daily, the Economic Daily should take the initiative to take the initiative and make a difference in digital economy propaganda. Comrade Qingdong pointed out that the data version is a new version opened by the Economic Daily this year. From the first data version of the first data version of on February 21, the data version of the 100th issue of December 5th was presented. The goal is to develop data resources for the Economic Daily, strengthen data endowment, and create the core competitiveness of data, and conduct positive exploration and beneficial attempts. It has initially stepped out of the road of data productization that is in line with the actual Economic Daily.

In the new year, the data content of the data is more targeted, the data analysis is more instructive, and the data presentation should be more close. Representatives from the press, the economy, and the business community attended the seminar. Zhang Weiyan, the editor -in -chief of the "China Reporter" magazine, expressed the most intuitive feeling of the 100 -phase data version released by the Economic Daily from the perspective of the reader. It reflects the idea of ??"people -oriented". Lu Xiaohua, Dean of the School of New Media and Communication of Tianjin University, believes that the 100 -phase data version released by and the ability to collect, analyze, display, and use the ability to collect, help enlarging the influence of the Economic Daily, promote the influence of the Economic Daily, and promote the influence of the Economic Daily and promote the promotion of the Economic Daily. The deep integration of the media can provide more valuable data reference for the in -depth mining of data resources. Ren Xingzhou, former director of the State Council’s Development Research Center Market, said that at present, consumption is increasingly prominent in the leading, leading, and critical role of consumption in the entire economic cycle.

To maximize the value of consumer data, it is necessary to further improve the data industry chain system to make data communication more subdivided, flexible, and accurate, thereby forming a closed loop of data production, dissemination, guiding practice, and reproduction. Li Zhengbo, the chief expert of the China International Electronic Business Center of the Ministry of Commerce China International Electronic Commerce, said that the 100 -phase data version shows the bright performance of the Chinese consumer market over the past year, reflecting the situation of strong consumption recovery, which has not changed, and strengthened our economic development of China’s economic development. confidence. Sun Dong, general manager of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Chen Liji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said that the data version of the Economic Daily opened a new window for enterprises to obtain key data, which has greatly promoted the development of the enterprise. Through data, enterprises can understand market changes more objectively, complete, and accurately, and study and judge the trend of consumption, so as to better carry out production decisions and planning development paths to achieve healthy development.

  Liu Hui, Dean of the Institute of Consumption and Industrial Development of Jingdong, shared the "high -quality driver development -2021 consumption phenomenon and industrial insight report", and systematically sorted out the changes in China’s consumer market in 2021.

(Editor in charge: Wang Jupeng).