Xiamen: Promote the "Dragon Boat Festival Culture" to build a spiritual home

Xiamen: Promote the "Dragon Boat Festival Culture" to build a spiritual home

Original title: Promoting the "Dragon Boat Festival Culture" to build a spiritual homeland on the 2nd, and the Eighteenth Cross -Strait (Jimei) Dragon Boat Festival Cultural Forum was held in Xiamen Jimei in 2022.

The forum is based on the theme of "Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival and the Cross -Strait Love". Experts and scholars from both sides of the Taiwan Strait gathered together to discuss the "Dragon Boat Festival Culture" and "common spiritual home of the two sides of the strait". From the perspective of cross -strait experts, the Dragon Boat Festival culture contains the strong and lofty patriotic spirit of the Chinese nation for thousands of years.

Experts said that people of insight on both sides of the strait jointly inherit and promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture represented by the "Dragon Boat Festival Culture", and build a common spiritual homeland on both sides of the strait, which is beneficial to further promote the economic and social integration of cross -strait economic and social. "Traditional Chinese culture is the source of the common culture of the people on both sides of the strait and the bond to maintain people on both sides of the strait.

"Wu Jiaying, president of the Xiamen Taiwan Business Association, said that it has given advantage of the special cultural advantages of the Dragon Boat Festival, Zhuzi Culture, Southern Fujian Culture, Hakka Culture, Mazu Culture, and Fujian Capital Culture between Fujian and Taiwan, which will help strengthen the communication between Fujian and Taiwan’s private grassroots and young people.

In the future, cross -strait cultural exchanges are broad and promising. You News The 17th Jimei (Dragon Boat Festival) Poetry Festival was held in Xiamen Jimei on the 2nd. This event focused on online and offline themes on the theme of "Cross -Strait Poetry", and the event continued until the 3rd.

On the afternoon of the 2nd, in the Jiageng study room in Xiamen, the creation of "Poems from the Sea" Xiamen Marine Poems and Reading Salon, "Xiamen Poetry Writing in the Digital Age" theme exhibition collection ceremony, new book display of local writers, and on -site gift ceremony ceremony The next activity appeared. According to the organizer, this poetry festival has received a total of 288 poems (including 152 modern poems and 136 old poems). Some of these works focus on the customs of Fujian and Taiwan Dragon Boat Festival. profound.

Zhuang Minrou, a Taiwanese student, has attended the School of Journalism and Communication of Huaqiao University. She has been in school literature for two years. Zhuang Minrou, who was "Nengwen and Wuxi", also participated in the dragon boat event that morning.

She said with emotion: "Study life in Xiamen is the source of inspiration for my creation.

Today, I can participate in poetry exchange activities to learn from their predecessors, so that I have improved more and feel a lot of benefits.

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