Then deploy and promote the "Shen Dong" Liaoning "Shen Dong" to go all out

Then deploy and promote the "Shen Dong" Liaoning "Shen Dong" to go all out

Promoting the application of the ability to promote the application and then promoting the "Shen Dong" Liaoning "Shen Dong" to go to May 29. The person in charge of the Provincial Sports Bureau said in an interview with reporters: "Re -deploy and advance. Going to, we must win. We must use the promotion and construction, help the development, and promote the bidding of the competition with the improvement of the hosting capabilities, and contribute to the revitalization and development of Liaoning and the construction of a sports power.

"On December 31 last year, the Liaoning Provincial Government officially submitted the application letter for the 15th National Winter Games in 2027 to the State Administration of Sports. Work.

Taking the application of the Winter Games as the project, in the later Beijing Winter Olympics, it continued to vigorously develop ice and snow sports and ice and snow industry.

  It is understood that in order to comprehensively improve the level of running the competition and strengthen the construction of "hardware", our province is coordinating the planning and construction of the "ice center venue group" in Shenyang City, Fushun City’s "Xue Shanggang Gangshan Ski Resort" Base off -road skiing and winter venues.

At the same time, it is intended to upgrade the existing ice sliding pavilion and ski resort with the conditions for undertaking.

  The person in charge told reporters: "Shenyang ‘Ice Center’ will include speed skating halls, ice comprehensive museums, and curling halls. Snow Center Gangshan Ski Resort ‘includes high -mountain skiing, ski jump skiing, single -board skiing, free skiing and other venues. The vertical gap exceeds 800 meters. Building off -road skiing and winter venues, this can not only host the Winter Games competition, but also use it as a national and provincial training base.

"After calculating, after the shortcomings of the above -mentioned ice and snow sports venue facilities, our province can undertake all the winter luck competitions outside the snowmaking and sled events, and the event hosting rate will exceed 90%.

  Wang Dong, director of the Winter Sports Management Center of the Provincial Sports Bureau, told reporters that the Liaoning athletes received a total of 2 gold, 7 silver and 3 copper in the Winter Olympics, a total of 12 medals.

In the Beijing Winter Olympics cycle, the Liaoning Winter project layout realizes the full coverage of the 7 major items of the Winter Olympics, but there are still nearly 1/3 of the small items that have not been carried out. Wang Dong said that taking the opportunity to apply for the Winter Games, our province will significantly increase investment and preparation, and strive to participate in the development of the Winter Olympics project and the participation of the Winter Games.

  At the same time, our province will vigorously promote the spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics and take the opportunity to bid for the Winter Games. In the post -Beijing Winter Olympics era, mass ice and snow sports, and strive to build a higher level of national fitness public service system to allow the Winter Olympics heritage Generate lasting benefits. For the fifteenth National Winter Games, the province’s ice and snow sports practitioners have praised them.

Cui Enwei, chairman of the Liaoning Provincial Ice and Snow Sports Association and chairman of Liaoyu Changling Ski Resort, said that for the development of the ice and snow sports and ice and snow industry in our province, applying for the Winter Games is a great thing, which can greatly improve the facilities of ice and snow sports venues in our province. The software and hardware conditions have led to the great development of the ice and snow sports and ice and snow industry in our province.

  Professor Wang Shi’an, an expert on ice and snow sports and consultant of the China Skating Association, said that he raised his hands to support the Liaoning for the Winter Games. He said that countries that have held the Winter Olympics in the past have ushered in the new development period of ice and snow sports after the Winter Olympics.

Liaoning needs to apply for a winter luck meeting to provide a strong engine for the rapid development of the ice and snow sports and the ice and snow industry to help economic and social development. (Reporter Zhu Caiwei) +1.