Mayor Bao Hongwen, Mayor of Sanya: Do a good job of "temperature" and "depth"

Mayor Bao Hongwen, Mayor of Sanya: Do a good job of "temperature" and "depth"

  Xinhuanet Haikou, April 29th (Zhuang Fei Chen Jiliang) On April 27th, Bao Hongwen, the representative of the eighth party congress of Hainan Province, deputy secretary of the Sanya Municipal Party Committee, and mayor, mentioned in an interview with Xinhuanet that Sanya must be based on a fake for a foothold Location advantage, transform the advantages of marine resources into technological innovation advantages, further enhance the level of marine resources development and utilization, change Sanya’s original real estate -based industrial system, embark on new and higher quality, more comprehensive, and higher levels of development roads Essence

  When talking about Nanfan Gong to eat Nanfanfan to let Nanfan Science and Technology has a temperature, when talking about how Sanya can implement the development of the seed industry, Bao Hongwen said that Sanya will build the Nanyin Seed Industrial Creation Highland and solidly promote the "South South Nanda The construction of the Silicon Valley "Construction, resolutely hold the national food security heavy responsibility.

  The first is to plan and construct the innovation of the seed industry.

Under the guidance of the seedling industry’s revitalization action plan, accelerate the implementation of the construction of the national southern scientific research and breeding base construction plan.

Continue to accelerate the construction of Nanfan Science and Technology City, scientifically deploy a number of major scientific research projects such as the research facilities of Nanfan crop type, and further consolidate and enhance the scientific research advantage of Sanya Nanfan. Second, it is necessary to cultivate the industrial system of the South Fan.

Actively introduce high -level scientific research teams and high -tech enterprises at home and abroad to settle in Sanya, vigorously develop the CRO service of the seed industry, and strive to make breakthroughs in the industrialization of biochemical breeding; Combined with the construction of the Sanya Reclamation Demonstration Demonstration Zone to create a number of modern agricultural industrial parks, it has effectively allowed the people to put on the south of the south, eat Nanfan rice, and send it to the south. The third is to continue to deepen the integration of South Fan’s resources. Give full play to the leading role of the radiation of the South Fan Science and Technology City, and drive the construction of Ledong and Lingshui South Fan base. At the same time, cooperate with Ledong and Lingshui to accelerate the pace of development in the fields of breeding scientific research, results transformation, and promotion. The development pattern of two wings.

  The fourth is to create a good environment for breeding industry.

In accordance with the latest revised seed method, explore and improve management measures such as the protection of seed resources identity, the protection of the substantive derivative of crops, the supervision of gene editing and the genetically modified biological safety, the seed market supervision, and the seed industry safety early warning to strengthen intellectual property protection, increase infringement Punishment intensity further stimulates the vitality of the main body of the seed industry.

  Bao Hongwen introduced that the establishment of Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City and "Nanfan Silicon Valley", as well as the supporting facilities of the relevant industry chain, has extraordinary historical significance to the entire Hainan, especially for Sanya, and the prospects are available. Follow a lot. The use of new technologies to build a new team to let deep sea exploration has deeply introduced Bao Hongwen. In China, Sanya is a good place to study deep sea. It has unique conditions such as closer distance from the sea, good location conditions, and abundant marine resources.

In the next step, Sanya should effectively transform the advantages of marine resources into technological innovation advantages, strive to improve the attractiveness of marine research talents, and further enhance the level of marine resources development and utilization.

  In the field of scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the construction of deep -sea science and technology innovation platforms.

A group of scientific research platforms such as Shenzhen -Sea Science and Technology Innovation Public Platform and Sanya Deep Sea Compound Resources Center, strived to settle in Sanya for major scientific devices such as "Deep Sea Space Station".

Strengthen technical research on the fields of "deep sea entry, deep sea detection, deep sea development" to build a national deep -sea technology innovation center. In the field of infrastructure, strengthen the construction of deep -sea scientific research infrastructure. Vigorously promote the construction of major infrastructure such as the South China Sea Geological Science and Technology Innovation Base and Nanshan Port Public Scientific Examination Pier, and improve the level of deep -sea scientific research and far -reaching sea engineering services. In the field of industrial technology, vigorously develop deep -sea industries.

Relying on the Shenzhen -Sea Science and Technology City Platform, a group of companies with strong strength are actively introduced in the fields of energy development, marine equipment, biomedicine and other fields to accelerate the cultivation of high -tech enterprise clusters in deep -sea.

Improve the scientific and technological innovation system and mechanism, actively introduce and cultivate the team of deep -sea science and technology talents, and stimulate talent innovation vitality. +1.