[Xisheng Echo] 色 Continuing the red spirit of the northern village of Gui, the grape industry of the northern village of Gui

[Xisheng Echo] 色 Continuing the red spirit of the northern village of Gui, the grape industry of the northern village of Gui

>正文【习声回响】赓续红色精神桂北小村葡萄产业正兴发布时间:2022-04-29|来源:央广网|作者:|责任编辑:宋若冰视频播放位置习近平:好日子啊,都It is from the struggle. Now everyone has tasted the sweetness, and when I feel that there is a head, then continue to develop. This speech came from April 25, 2021, when General Secretary Xi Jinping speecked in Maozhu Shan Village, Guilin, Guangxi.

88 years ago, the Xiangjiang battle that occurred in northern Gui was the fierce battle of the Red Army Long March and an important historical event to determine the life and death of the Chinese revolution. The Red Army launched a deadly battle here, leaving countless red marks. On April 25, 2021, the first stop of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection in Guangxi first came to the Red Army Long March Xiangjiang Battle Memorial Park in the Caiwan Town, Quanzhou County, Guilin City to remember the spiritual blood of the Communist Party. Subsequently, the General Secretary came to Maozhu Mountain Village, about 10 minutes away from the Memorial Garden.

Maozhu Mountain Village is a natural village in Nanyi Village, Quanwan Town, Quanzhou County, Guilin City. At that time, the Red Army had snipped several times of their own enemies here to build a living channel for the Xiangjiang River. At that time, the Red Army was not afraid of strong enemies, daring to fight, and courageous to victory, inspiring people to move forward.

With the spirit of the Long March as the red engine, the northern part of Gui was on the long march of the new era. In Maozhu Mountain Village, the general secretary said affectionately that making the people live happily is the "big of the country." Comprehensively promote the depth, breadth, and difficulty of rural rejuvenation as difficult as poverty alleviation, and must not have any thoughts of breathlessness and rest. We must continue to struggle at a new starting point to promote the common prosperity of all people to achieve more obvious substantial progress. Essence

Prior to 2000, due to inconvenience, there were few arable land per capita, Maozhu Mountain Village was backward, and villagers had poor living standards. "Mud brick tiles, bitter life, pumpkin soup, and women do not marry Maozhu Mountain." In order to seek development, the villagers of Maozhu Mountain Village have tried to raise silkworms and plant citrus, but they did not succeed. In 2002, the village discussed the development of the grape industry.

"The cost of grape planting is not low. Buying a film, a cement pole, a scaffold, and a seed, will be invested 67,000 yuan in one acre. What if it fails?" Wang Hairong, president of the Maozhu Shan Village Grape Association Everyone has concerns, and few people are willing to take the first step. Initially, due to the poor planting variety, the grapes were too sour, resulting in bad sales, and some villagers lost a lot of money.

This time has hit the development of the local grape industry. Later, Wang Hairong and others overcome difficulties, studied science and technology, tried to improve grape varieties, and succeeded, and recovered the cost in two years.

Everyone saw the power of the example and re -cultivated grapes.

After years of development, the grape industry in Maozhu Mountain Village has developed better and better. Especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the village has established the party and mass council and the grape planting association.

At present, Maozhu Mountain Village has 320 acres of grapes, demonstrating the development of more than 20,000 acres of the surrounding rural development of the grape industry.

The grape industry has changed the small mountain village.

Actively introduce buyers, develop online marketing, and accelerate the improvement of infrastructure such as entering the village roads, tourist service centers, cultural squares, ecological parking lots and other infrastructure … Maozhu Mountain Village has become wider and wider on the road of rural rejuvenation. "Now, each of our grape growers are trying to plant new varieties of high -quality, using organic cultivation, dripping water and fertilizer integrated technology, and gradually changing the previous small sheds into greenhouse cultivation to increase grape yield, increase the production of grapes, improve income.

Wang Junrong, secretary of the Party Branch of the Nanyi Village Committee of Caiwan Town, said that this is a new attempt and a challenge for everyone. "Last year, when the General Secretary was in my house, he requested that he could not be satisfied with the status quo. Struggle.

Wang Deli, a villager in Maozhu Shan Village, said, "We have greater confidence to make our grape industry better through our own efforts." Director: Zhang Jun Yu Feng General Planning: : Gao Yining Li Xiaoran Tang Zhiqiang produced: Huang Yuefen He Junru Lei Qi.