Cai Qi: Deeply digging every case to ensure risks and dry sieve cleaning

Cai Qi: Deeply digging every case to ensure risks and dry sieve cleaning

Original title: Deeply digging every case to ensure risks and dry sieve net newspaper (Reporter Qi Mengzhu Fan Junsheng) Yesterday afternoon, Cai Qi, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and leader of the leading group of the prevention and control work leading group, went to Dongcheng District to check the epidemic disposal work. Epidemic prevention staff.

He emphasized that the current situation of the epidemic situation is severe and complicated. It is necessary to further enhance the sense of urgency, upgrade to accelerate, to quickly exclude each case, ensure that risks are dry and sieve, and block virus transmission at the fastest speed, curb the epidemic situation Profile.

Wei Xiaodong, chairman of the CPPCC, Zhang Yankun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and deputy team leader of the leadership group of the prevention and control work. Recently, the Eastern Plaza epidemic has successively increased the number of confirmed cases. Cai Qi then went to the gymnasium road speed 8 hotels, Dongfang Plaza, Gongmei Building, Nanhe along the house of 23rd Street, and other places involved in the trajectory of case activities to check the progress of the epidemic disposal. Everywhere, Cai Qi asked in detail about the traceability of the flow, the judgment and transfer of the densely connected, and required a comprehensive understanding of the risk points and personnel involved in the case. The opportunity to take. Subsequently, Cai Qi came to the No. 23 House of Assorted Garden Hutong to check the implementation of the seal control measures, and inspected the temperature, scan code, and check the implementation of the core of the bungalow area, the construction site, etc. In the community’s epidemic prevention and control value, the premium point condolences to the front -line epidemic prevention workers, saying that you take high temperatures to protect your homeland for the masses. Everyone has worked hard. We must pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling, and do personal protection.

  During the inspection, Cai Qi emphasized that the rapid disposal of Oriental Plaza epidemic was a top priority in Dongcheng District.

The municipal -level immune -related risk emergency response mechanism should directly dispatch, strengthen the coordination of district streets, and further understand the number of people from the Eastern Plaza’s visit, work and outsourcing companies in the near future, and accelerate the transmission of information, and all of them are controlled. Streaming transfer is a key part of the treatment of the epidemic. It is necessary to speed up the quality and improve the efficiency, and ensure that those who are densely connected should be judged, they should be turned around, and they should be separated.

Improve the sealing and control plan, do a good job in the end of the environment, and strengthen safety management. Adhere to one case and one special class for key cases, find problems, block loopholes, and find out risk points and personnel. Fight the initiative and strictly grasp the social prevention and control. Strictly implement measures such as temperature measurement, code scanning, and checking negative certificates of kernel acid testing for 48 hours. The community, bungalow courtyard, and alley have strengthened on duty, and epidemic prevention measures in public places are strictly implemented. Strengthen the overall scheduling and reserve construction of sampling flow and isolation rooms.

  City leaders Zhang Jiaming and Lu Yan attended.

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