Suicide rate climbed Japan high school intended to resume mental health education

Suicide rate climbed Japan high school intended to resume mental health education

  In view of the rise in Japan’s suicide rates in recent years, plus new crown epidemic brings students’ mental stress, the Japanese government is intended to restore 40 years of mental health education in high school in spring next year.

  According to Japanese Common Social report, based on the high school new curriculum guidelines developed by the Japanese government, the health and sports textbooks used in spring will increase the content, specializing in the prevention and response of psychological problems. The new content not only tells the pathogenesis of students’ psychological diseases, but also tells the experiences of psychological diseases such as depression and the method of addressing psychological stress, helping students recognize that anyone may have psychological problems, find and treatment as soon as possible. Improve the chance of rehabilitation.

  The Japanese Sports Hall said that Japanese high school canceled mental health courses since the 1982 fiscal year.

However, with the increase in suicide in primary and secondary schools, psychological diseases such as depression have been considered to be one of the factors that cause this trend, so some people think it is necessary to resume mental health education. Common Society quoted relevant data reports that the number of suicides in Japan primary and secondary school students further increased, reaching 499 people during the New Crown epidemic.

  Sasaki, a professor of Psychiatry, Tokyo, Sasaki, said many foreign research showed that the peak of most psychological diseases was concentrated in the early stage of the adolescent stage. He welcomed high school necessary to recover mental health content, but also pointed out that the entire compulsory education in primary and junior high school should be introduced into mental health education in the ideal state.

  Sasaki appeals to schools to establish a broad network of cooperation, covering teachers, school nurses, and administrative personnel to provide more psychological counseling opportunities to students.

He said: "It is impossible to help depressed children by delivering knowledge.

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