Subway is not very moving in the metro of the door to the door? Nanjing netizen appointed the message

Subway is not very moving in the metro of the door to the door? Nanjing netizen appointed the message

Netizens in the People’s Network "Leading Message Board" Message Screenshot "For the planning of white elephants, OCT, Nanjing Metro Group plans to make Metro Line 4 North Lesson bus from Northern China Line 4 Station to increase rail transportation of the area.

The new round of rail transit network planning has been revised in February 2021. "On December 2, Jiangsu Nanjing City, Mr. Wu, in the" Leader Message Board "of the People’s Network, consult the progress of the North Exhibition of Metro Line 4, and he got the answer from Nanjing Metro Group, and his hanging heart is also Let me put down. Mr. Wu stayed in OCT Emerald City, Qixia District, Nanjing, in October last year. Here is the east side of Qixia Mountain.

According to regional development, Qixia Mountain area is a collection of sectors of Nanjing Zidong Region. It is also a new development and growth in Qixia District, the Happy Valley Theme Park, the International Cruise Pier, etc. Anti-Wen Travel Landmark Project has been invested in construction and operation.

Mr. Wu is optimistic about the prospect here, but in the moment, local transportation is still in shortboard, and the rail transit project has not seen substantial progress. "There are many real estates from 2016 to now, have been promoting Metro Line 4 North Extension project will start nearby. In 2022, it has been delivered in the development of the property, and the group is also increasing. The project has not been started, and the public transportation of the masses in the district is difficult.

"He said in the message.

Netizen’s message, the provincial, municipal government letter and visit department linkage, rapid circulation, Nanjing Metro Group Senior Planner Huang Juan call Mr. Wu on the evening of the night, explained the relevant situation of Northable Project of Nanjing Metro Line 4.

It is understood that the first phase of Nanjing Metro Line 4 will start the Longjiang Station, and the East to Xianlin Lake Station has been operated in early 2017; the second phase of the west of Longjiang Station extended to the north to the Pearl Springs station in the beginning of the year Starting, Mr. Wu leaves a message to the eastern end to the road from the Xianlin Lake Station.

According to Huang Juan, No. 4 extended from the Xianlin Lake Station to the Overseas Chinese Terminal section of the city’s urban rail transit network planning in the municipal government in February this year. At present, Nanjing Metro Group is carrying out the third phase of the city. The management of rail transportation construction will combine the preliminary research work of North Extension line 4 North Extension in the regional development and passenger flow forecast of Xianlin Lake. According to the relevant requirements of the National Development and Reform Commission on construction planning, the third phase of urban rail transit construction plan is expected to be reported in 2022. Mr. Wu is very satisfied with the results of this message. He commented on the "Leader Message Board": "Reply is timely, the staff will contact us in time!" (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Share more people watch arrive.