The two segments have shown the advantages of Chinese-style democracy – People’s Political Consultative Conference

The two segments have shown the advantages of Chinese-style democracy – People’s Political Consultative Conference

The two conference mechanisms are a mechanism for the establishment of a close relationship between the people’s congress and the people’s CPPCC system, and a mechanism that works together. It is a system carrier for my country ‘s power organs and special consultation institutions, electoral democracy and negotiation democracy, and completing the system carrier for human democracy. The political system innovation fully highlights the advantages of the socialist democratic political system of Chinese characteristics. The Chinese-style democracy glow booms and vitality. effect.The two sessions are the unique arrangements and important carriers of the socialist democratic political system of Chinese characteristics.The National People’s Congress representatives and members of the National Committee gathered together, and the commercial country is, according to law, in accordance with the law, implement democratic elections, democratic consultations, democratic decisions, democratic management, democratic supervision, reflecting people’s will, protect people’s rights, in today’s worldUnique.

All power in the People’s Republic of China belongs to the people, the supreme organ of the exercise of power of the people is the National People’s Congress.

National People’s Congress to protect people’s broad participation in the legislative process, the Party Central Committee’s views become the will of the state through legal procedures. The country’s highest administrative organ, the supervisory authority, judicial and procuratorial organs produced by the National People’s Congress, accountable and subject to its supervision, to ensure that power properly exercised, the efficient functioning of state organs.

As the Chinese People’s Political arrangements system with Chinese characteristics, is the most extensive patriotic united front organization of the state and political-appropriate, suggestions governance and consensus-owned two-way force, have an important channel of socialist deliberative democracy and specialized consultations institutional strengths institutions, the concept of "I do not have you, I can you can not" political system characteristics and advantages of the democratic process through consultation, the Party’s propositions into all sectors of society.

Two sessions mechanism to combine democracy and centralism organic, creative contribution to the world democratic political system.

China produced in two sessions mechanisms of democratic political practice life, fully demonstrates the advantages of the socialist democratic political system with Chinese characteristics. About the annual National People’s Congress to consider the "government, a bicameral committee" work report, report review and approval of the State Council on the draft annual national economic and social development plan and the implementation of the current year plan of national economic and social development, review and approval of the State Council report of the implementation of the draft central and local budgets case with the central and local budgets of the current year, to consider submitting legislation, elections and decisions adopted by the national agencies appointed personnel. CPPCC National Committee heard and discussed the "government, a bicameral committee" work report and other relevant reports, conscientiously carry out their functions, play a large pool of talent, intelligence-intensive advantages, discuss important draft laws to be submitted by the National People’s Congress, the party and the country’s important deploy and implement the case put forward opinions and suggestions, "the focus of supervision and implementation of major party and state policies and important decisions and plans."

NPC deputies and CPPCC members to discuss the government work report and other important issues for consideration by the correct supervision, effective supervision, perform their duties for the country, for the people responsible, seek reform, and promote development. Two of the country is to play the role of consultative bodies and specialized CPPCC National People’s Congress authority to fulfill an important mechanism of power and democratic supervision. "Government, a bicameral committee" by deputies to the NPC and CPPCC, the CPPCC members to report to work, accept supervision of deputies, question, listen to the opinions and suggestions of CPPCC members, extensive consensus, seek common divisor, the party and the state decision to deploy into practical action of the people, the advantages of the socialist transformation democratic political system with Chinese characteristics is the national governance performance. NPC deputies and CPPCC members come from the people, rooted in the people, play ground gas, observing the people, gather wisdom advantage, and strive to have people call, I have to be, conscientiously perform their duties, the proposal and the proposal put forward opinions and suggestions on government work major issues to consider and discuss the "government, a bicameral committee" work report, to provide the election of socialist democratic consultation mechanisms and specific expression of democracy, is suitable for China’s form of democracy. Two of the country is the people, and reflecting public opinion, pool their wisdom, unite the people of course, but also the system to protect our democracy. The people through elections, to vote and exercise their rights among the people in all aspects in full consultation before major decisions, as far as possible to agree on common issues, are two important forms of socialist democracy in our country, the former electoral democracy, the latter as a deliberative democracy.

General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "In China, these two forms of democracy are not mutually replace each other in the negative, but complement each other, complement each other and together form the institutional features and advantages of China’s socialist democratic politics.

"National two sessions and run the world to observe China’s socialist democratic politics of the window. The sudden outbreak of pneumonia new crown was a big test for the governance system and governance of our country face daunting task, complicated situation, two of the country this year , on behalf of the members of the full play to democracy, to promote the normalization of co-ordination around the epidemic prevention and control, resumed production complex, tackling poverty, public health system, do a good job "six stability" work to implement the "six security" issues such as tasks, submit motions and proposals , comments and suggestions, the human resources, the Party Central Committee will coordinate development of various policy measures and epidemic prevention and control work of economic and social development has become the consensus of the deployment of people across the country. after two sessions, the CPPCC National Committee Chairman Wang Yang to follow requirements, bearing in mind the "two Strategies", willing to take on the responsibility to strengthen and improve the ability to play good, play an exemplary and leading true, give full play to the role of specialized consultative body to the four "not" "but" working methods to better reach a consensus in Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the strong leadership of the CPC central Committee, the NPC and CPPCC form of consensus into practical action, make up the short board, loopholes, strengths and weaknesses, serving the overall situation, the courage to play, good as the effort to bring the crack epidemic problems for China’s economic and social development efforts to offer the performance of their duties "useful", "effective" and demonstrates the advantages of socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics, promote national governance systems and governance modernization, the CPPCC to promote the system more mature more stereotypes.

(Stabilization of Mr. Zhao, deputy director of the Beijing political civilization research base Beijing Union University, researcher, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important thought of Beijing research base on strengthening and improving the work of the CPPCC, special researcher; Chen Xu, deputy secretary general of the CPPCC in Beijing, Research director) editor: Zhang Jiaqi.