Some rely on strong push, some pull relationships: Be wary of non-public party building empty shells, formalization

Some rely on strong push, some pull relationships: Be wary of non-public party building empty shells, formalization

In recent years, many non-public enterprises have actively established party organizations, carrying out party construction work, not only expanded the coverage of party organizations, but also promoted the company’s own development.

However, in half a month, the reporter has been developed, and there are also small part of the non-public corporate party construction and high quality, and there is no high quality, and there is an air-shelling of grassroots party organizations.

Complete task mentality, not pure motivation, so that certain corporate party construction forms of non-public corporate party construction work in the surface, there is a formal phenomenon. "Install the system, good account, single activity room … formally guaranteed it.

When the superior is checked, it is temporarily ‘plus.’. "The grassroots cadres in the Eastern province reflects that some non-public corporate party construction is actually not high. The establishment of the party branch is a name. The organization’s full coverage has become a name full coverage. Some local non-public party buildings are strong, related activities It is not high. Under the promotion, some non-public enterprises have passed-handed. The staff of the Organization Department of a county party committee in the eastern parties said: "Let’s do one, let it do it. I don’t really take the initiative. "Some non-public enterprises set up a party organization, and their original intention has run, and it is a tool for the benefit of enterprises.

In the half-month talk, the reporter has been developing in a province in the south. Some non-public enterprises have not pure motivation in the establishment of the party branch, and the establishment of the Party Branch as the shortcut to "special care" in the declaration project, incentive funds, etc., local party committee Help and powerful, actively engage in building, vigorous, otherwise it will not do it, negatively deal with.

There are 3 national party members of a provincial capital city, and all the year ago.

This year, the company’s boss took the initiative to find the street request to establish a party branch, and the streets were not able to carry out the party’s theme of day, and the company was set up by establishing a party member WeChat group, installing a video conferencing system, such as the party branch. After the street, the company is so "active" is due to the establishment of party construction points in the executive department of its industry. Formalism party construction, often as a "positive image" of the company, behind the "business".

The person in charge of South China Internet company told for half a month to talk about reporters, and he is also preparing to set up a party branch in his business to maintain the relationship with the government.

Large-defined talents, the lack of liquidity of party members is a problem for some non-public enterprises.

Party Working Committee, a high-tech zone, South China, reflected that the non-public enterprises specialized in party work, they often have several jobs, have no time to take care of the party’s work, and some party construction instruments only play the role of liaison, the guidance of corporate party construction work There is less, and the party construction work lacks innovation. This is also indirectly of some non-public enterprises with less education methods and old, education systematic and poor tariffs, and party members’ education lack vitality and appeal.

Enterprises conduct party construction work, and they cannot avoid resource support for people’s property.

"Many small and medium-sized non-public enterprises lack fund strength hire professional party building talent guidance to work." The staff of the Organization Department of a county party committee in eastern part said.

Compared to the institutions, the number of non-public enterprises will bring many problems to their party construction work. Party Working Committee of South China High-tech Zone reflects that non-public enterprises have high liquidity, and the number of party members has changed, and the employees’ work is fast, and the pressure is large, especially the quantity. Lower.

Some non-public corporate senior management personnel, high-level talents left the original work unit because of their own excellent, work mobilization, etc., which is also common to losing contact with the party organization.

Non-Confidential Party Building must do real, doing live non-public corporate party building work is quite done. "Establishing party branches in non-public enterprises, allowing enterprises to strategically decisive and business decisions more in line with national policies, allowing enterprises to take the initiative to commit more social responsibilities, transform the organization construction achievements into enterprise development advantages, talent advantages and business advantages.

"Zhuang Dequa, deputy director of Peking University Integrity Construction Center, said that the party construction force should be the driving force of enterprise development. Many party construction workers believe that non-public enterprises should pay attention to the flexibility of party building due to their specialty." Non-public enterprises Don’t engage in one knife, different types of enterprises should have different management methods and party building forms.

"Cadres of the Party Committee of South China Development Zone said that the workers put down the work, and they are often unrealistic to carry out the party building activities. The person in charge of the enterprise is not happy, and the corporate party building activities need to be flexible.

The non-public party building in Guangzhou Development Zone has carried out a better company, and most of the party construction integrates into enterprises or corporate culture, combined with environmental protection, poverty alleviation and other activities. (Half Month Talking:: Journal of China].