The heart of the line to the destination-

The heart of the line to the destination-

  Stop and go, you can not forget that my memories.

July 6, 2021 to 7, I followed the "patriotic-by-Dream" and "Yixin Yi Yi" practice team embarked on a go Xueyan Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province kindergarten journey that is destined to change our line of heart, what is the church where we "volunteer" in.

  Origin: meaning "volunteer" in? Someone once asked me what the significance of volunteering, there really is not asking for anything in the world to pay it? In the campaign before, I can not imagine, can not answer. But after a personal experience, I would understand the lives of others bring sunshine to make the world a little more pure joy, more than a sweet laughter.

This is real is what it takes to give yourself a great comfort, why should other forms of rewards to prove? We stepped out of our way in the first practice in the footprints of the first rays of the sun Chen Hui, the destination station is Xueyan Town, Changzhou City, embroidered village.

We have to face a group of children is hosting summer classes, go on the road, I was filled with hope but harbor ill at ease. It has always been as a student, suddenly be transformed into a children’s "teacher", and implies a hint of joy among the Huangran flawless. Luckily there is mutual support between peers, once again we had a review in the hearts of "exercise" tens of millions of times on the way to class processes. This line, we took the children to carry out a "teaser innocence to the party, aesthetic education" theme painting activities. The children’s enthusiastic participation, so I swept away the stereotype of children inherent "Little Monster" is. At the scene, when they heard the soft childish suddenly say, "would be no new China without the Communist Party," the words, my heart whom shocked.

  As we age, we gain knowledge and develop the abilities, but lost early heart. Everything stresses "return", stresses "interests" seems to have become a kind of tacit understanding, our perseverance in the pursuit of personal interests of gains and losses, and gradually lost the "dedication" spirit. Now think about it, it is not the moment affluence Communists leading the people of all nationalities from scratch and struggle out of it? If there are no groups of communists fought a bloody war, selfless sacrifice their lives, how can new China? Now, but how many younger, enjoying the easy life of our ancestors paid for in blood, grab interests, forgetting what is "selfless," "selfless," "dedication"! Perhaps this is the "voluntary service" in mind, let’s young college students experience "selfless dedication" spirit in practice! In practice gradually regain lost "beginner’s mind" red genetic heritage, Geng continued revolutionary spirit, this spirit of "Inheritance" is the enduring Chinese culture, where the roots of Chinese energy continues to improve. Practice: While cleansing the soul of the bad weather, heavy rain poured down outside the house, but the house was bathed in art in "Sunshine." The children eagerly look is a good way to deal with the trouble of commuting, even let us also dressed in wet clothes in case of spring Chuitiao young children, twenties years young. In different years encounter, but had the best time of harvest. I’m full of awe on finished this lesson, the children hand-painted with "Tiananmen", "dedicated to the founding of a century birthday cake" "flag" …… often said that art without borders, in fact, inherent in the art beyond our cognitive system, we and the children in a painting we have seen the prosperity of the motherland, immortal party, have shown themselves party to celebrate the centenary of the most sincere and drink with a good brush. This is not only our children to school, but they wash salvation of our souls. We bring to the world their art, they give us feedback about the dead beautiful character.

So that we can continue moving forward at the same time, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, cherish a dream of youth, to create, to build Utopia in mind, even if the reality is always cruel, but the dream never fade, this is our re-education He won the most beautiful way, the most precious fruit. We can say that they are our teachers, three rows, it certainly has my teacher, Road have been heard, the case only.

So education is always two-way, teaching and learning are two sides make progress and promotion is the essence of education. Epilogue: place just two days of activities beginning of the dream is over, but "voluntary service" journey has just begun. This time we rewarding experience, gain a practical experience of social life for the first time experience, while also obtaining a more valuable things – dedication, spirit of cooperation.

Also keenly aware of the growing prosperity of the motherland, traveling thousands of miles of high-speed rail, urban road construction, hydroelectric construction and infrastructure network radiation throughout the country and throughout the country has invested heavily in network teaching education.

All in all can not do without the correct leadership of the Party, the Party of years, really is a happy history.

  To make the experience more rich and happy practice, we will carry out follow-up on-line teaching, distance education through remote video connection, to accompany the children for a whole summer. On the way back, with a pedestrian exchange gains and shortcomings of the past two days, a good agreement with the "cloud" lesson. During this period our team support each other, help each other with anti-wind, with the rain pouring, share music.

  Even the words are careful from the beginning of the strange, become friends then do not say, this may be the long bond between people say it’s close friend, with the joys and sorrows, from the need to say the truth.

I sigh at this group of people to support each other, they are not afraid of hardship tired spirit worthy of my learning, and also look forward to the next online "cloud" together, we will be able to keep a good pure land, so that innocence from erosion! I believe that after this friendship can always continue to become our lifelong wealth! (Correspondent Qin Kang).