Safety issues are increasingly highlighted to strengthen car data security management is imminent

Safety issues are increasingly highlighted to strengthen car data security management is imminent

In my country, it is possible to connect the Internet at any time and sharing data with the external parties to grow in an exponential growth. According to the "China Internet Development Report (2021)" released in July this year, in 2020, my country’s intelligent network car sales was 107% year-on-year.

It is expected that by 2025, my country’s L2, L3 (partially automatic driving operation in a particular environment) Intelligent Net car sales account for 50% of all car sales.

For smart network, the number of components such as the smart network, the number of components such as the camera, also has the characteristics of the data type, long duration, fast change rate, etc., this undoubtedly puts higher requirements for data security.

Following the official release of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in August this year, "Opinions on Strengthening Intelligent Network Auto Production Enterprises and Product Access Management", issued by the National Net Trunal Office, the Ministry of Public Security, etc. (Trial) "(hereinafter referred to as" provisions ") will be implemented on October 1.

The introduction of a series of documents describes that automotive data security has attracted high attention.

A few days ago, at the 2021 National Network Security Promotion Week Auto Data Security Forum, the participants discussed the new topics for automotive data security in the intelligent era.

Risk hazard big data security issues are increasingly highlighting what is car data? It is clearly suggested that automotive data includes personal information data and important data in automotive design, production, sales, use, and operation and maintenance.

"With the connection of the car network, the degree of intelligence is continuously improved, the daily system of automotive digital processing capacity, exposed automotive data security issues and risk hazards are increasing." Deputy Director, Deputy Director of the CPS Network Data Administration, said that At present, automotive data security has become the focus of general concern in the whole society, but also an important risk point affecting national security. Bao Yongneng, director of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Negotou, also held the same view.

"With the new generation of information technology and automotive industry accelerated, exposed automotive data security issues and risk hazards are also increasingly prominent, strengthening automotive data security is both an important guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of automotive industries, and is also an important aspect of the construction of network security systems.

"He said.

At the Secretary-General of the National Xin’an Standard Committee, the Party Committee Secretary, Vice President Yang Jianjun, the Party Committee of the China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute, the official implementation of the "provisions", the purpose is to standardize the processing activities of automobile data, protect personal information, individual organization legitimate rights and interests Maintain national security and social interests, and promote the rational development and utilization of automobile data.

At the same time, it is also applicable to my country’s collection, storage, use, processing, elaboration, providing, disclosure, etc. of automotive data, and its safety supervision, which is managed for the full life cycle of automotive data. In the face of challenge multi-collaboration, grab the co-management into a cooperative automotive industry is the strategic and pillar industry that promotes the manufacture of high-quality development, accelerates economic transformation and upgrading, and build an important driving force for new development patterns.

With the continuous improvement of digitization, web linkage, intelligence, cars have been transformed into high-end integrated products combined with traditional automobiles and new communication technologies.

From a network perspective, the car has become a large intelligent terminal with similar functions with the phone. With the increase in the application of the vehicle electronic and electrical products, the number of ECU (electronic control units) has increased to more than 100, which makes a bigger challenge for automotive data security management.

In this regard, Fang Weiben believes that as the automotive data collection capacity is greatly improved, it is necessary to protect the main problems of automobile data security. To take advantage of the requirements of innovation and support data security, adhere to the synchronous design and production, and simultaneously ensure data security. And protect the synergy of automotive data security protection, car data security work involves all aspects of the ecosystem of the automotive industry. Su Jing, director of the Department of Works and Information Technology, said that it is necessary to do a good job in automotive data security and network security management work, we must coordinate development and safety, fully understand the importance of automotive data security and network security management work; Safety law is fundamentally followed, comprehensive system construction of automotive data security; create an infrastructure such as safety ecology, support construction management platform, deploying car network identity authentication and security credit pilot.

"We hope to cooperate closely with relevant departments, industry communities, form multi-collaboration as soon as possible, and collapse the work of automotive data security and network security management work. Car enterprise must strictly implement the subject responsibility, establish and improve data security, network security and car network card Real-name registration management system; related institutions and industry organizations must actively study the exploration of automotive data security and network security technology standards, technical routes, and summarize best practices, and promote outstanding case demonstration applications; while strengthening industry guidance, promoting industry self-discipline, promoting industry self-discipline Beneficial development.

静 说. Strengthen management to automobile safety "lock" With the current intelligent function, software function increases, in order to reduce information security related risks, from the car owner to related technical research institutions, quality monitoring department It has also taken response to gradually study the technical solutions of the compliance. "By increasing investment in information security, now our entire security system covers the entire car, cloud, entire communication pipe, and mobile, including users Mobile phone app, etc. At the same time, we not only established a car safety operation platform, but also a information security response system. Huang Jing, a profession teacher of the Guangqi Research Institute Intelligent Net Network, China. Huawei Intelligent Automobile Solutions BU Standard Director Gao Yongqiang said that the company established a smart car solution bu in 2019, providing intelligent network, smart cabin A series of solutions and products, intelligent driving, smart car control, intelligent electric, and data platform, etc., to create a good car. "The company also establishes the entire network security management system with ICT systems, from strategic, governance and control, Section of processes and human resources for intelligent automotive network security. "In terms of data security, Geely Group built a series of systems and processes including data security governance strategies, data security organization division, data security event emergency specifications. "Huang Baohua, General Manager of Geely Holding Group Legal Center.

"We have been conducting implementation of standards, and there are more than 420 standards in the intelligent vehicle field. In the future, we will participate in more standards and continue to industry output standards.

"China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., Minister Liu Jianxin, Minister of Safety and Technology, Hope, throughout the product capacity, etc., including all kinds of solutions, including various solutions, and can see better Solution. At the same time, it also relying on test evaluation technology to help the entire industry will better improve product quality, help you produce better products. In addition, according to the organizer China Internet Development Foundation, it will continue to play the "Car Network Special Fund" The role, funding the intelligent transportation development, car network-related research and standard development, professional talent training rewards and other integration innovation series public welfare activities, promote automotive data security and car network industry development. [National Network Security Promotion Week series Report.