Shanxi Province is a corporate social responsibility blue book in Beijing

Shanxi Province is a corporate social responsibility blue book in Beijing

  Original title: Shanxi provinces enterprise social responsibility Blue Books in Beijing, the first four companies, the first concentrated release of 2002, social responsibility, Shanxi State-funded system, decisive battle, demolished, poverty, accumulated investment of more than 20 billion yuan, helping 1105 poor villages Pylorization; Shanxi provinces are a 10 million yuan for the anti-coronal pneumonia epidemic, accumulating the highway pass fee of 45 billion yuan … September 18th, "Jinhu Guangdong State-owned Enterprise Social Responsibility Forum" was held in Beijing, the provincial capitalization committee official Release "Shanxi Provincial Corporate Social Responsibility Blue Book (2021)" (hereinafter referred to as "Blue Book"), from 28 provinces and municipalities and assessment commissions, local state-owned enterprises and authority media representatives attended more than 300 people. At the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" is the first time, the province has issued the provincial enterprises to fulfill social responsibility.

The "Blue Pass" full-scale combing the practice results of the development of the Shanxi provinces reform transformation and development, multi-dimensional exhibits the consciousness of the social responsibility, systematically analyzes the characteristics of the provincial enterprise social responsibility, and fulfilling the provincial enterprises Responsibility, the national strategy overall situation is of great significance.

"Blue Book" surrounded by 8 aspects of strengthening the party’s construction, scientific and technological innovation, reform and development, leaving poverty, epidemic prevention and control, etc. Shanxi Province has always adhered to the creation of two-handed economic benefits and service national mensive people’s livelihood, actively playing national energy base effects, with strong industrial emergency and crisis response capabilities, support energy supply, supporting epidemic, stabilizing social order, and ensuring relief supplies.

Implement the "Two Mountain" concepts, withdraw from the overproduction of the coal, vigorously promote the application of coal green low-carbon technology, and actively explore the "carbon-up peak" "carbon neutral and" effective path. Coordinate resource development and ecological governance, overturbed water, water rights, water conservancy, hydraulic, water "five-water comprehensive reform", and vigorously promote ecological protection and high quality development.

  Director, secretary of the party committee and director of the Provincial State Administration, said that in recent years, Shanxi state-owned enterprises have continued to continue, and the contribution to social contribution is constantly improved. The provincial state-owned enterprises have maintained at the regional production growth contribution rate of about 30%, and pay taxes and fees 1/3 of the general public budget income in the province, total profit accounts for 1/5 of the province, and the province has steadily driven the province’s economy. During the forum, the relevant person in charge of the Holding Group, the Wenxin Group, and the Contribution Group, respectively, and 14 provincial companies have previously released the 2020 annual social responsibility report. In addition, the forum also commended the outstanding cases of the selected corporate, motivating provincial companies to actively fulfill social responsibilities and explore more performance samples.

(Reporter Liu Ruiqiang).