Shows the charm of national folk dance – thinking about the 13th China Dance "Lotus Award"

Shows the charm of national folk dance – thinking about the 13th China Dance "Lotus Award"

  Whether the medium mode, the expression is changed, the dance creator always returns to life, and the Chinese excellent traditional culture "is in the heart" Recently, the 13th China Dance "Lotus Award" National Folk Dance Awards ended in Jinan. From all kinds of art mission, colleges and universities, the 328 national folk dance works registration, 6 works award. Advance the number of works, high quality, fully reflecting the richness of dance creation materials and themes, providing a useful enlightenment for dance creation.

  National folk dance is an important part of China’s outstanding traditional culture, with powerful vitality and unique charm. How to in the national style, national characteristics, national aesthetics, deeply dig the connotation of national folk culture, and create traditional dance materials, innovative development, is an important topic facing by creators. "Internet +" has built a broader platform for dances, and people’s attention is continuously improved, and artistic dissemination and development have entered a new stage.

National folk dance achieves "broken circles" spread and innovation, still return to the art body.

  The art form of Chinese folk dance is always developing.

The creator moved the national folk dance from the large land to the stage, giving the connotation of the era, injected into contemporary aesthetics.

In the 13th China Dance "Lotus Award" National Folk Dance Competition, the men’s group dance of 22 people in the Xinjiang Arts College, "Mai Cotti in the sun" enthusiastically, and the vitality of the moving, will not The material cultural heritage sword dance and Shandong Gaozi Yangge have smartly, expressing the beautiful life of Xinjiang people in the heart of the party.

The original work of Changchun Humanities, "The Field" will closely combine the era of new rural construction and the sleeves of Jilin Province, which not only shows the realistic picture of new rural construction, but also expresses the people’s heart full of gain, happiness . The "Romantic Grassland" selected by the Hohhot National Performing Arts Group National Songs and Dance Theater is combined with the beauty of the Mongolian prairie and the grassland people’s beauty, and the world is vast, and the romantic feelings of the romantic feelings of the grassland people. The "Mount" of the Shandong University of Art Dance Academy is based on the dynamic rhythm of the drums, and the tough image of the mount of the work of the work of the work of the work of the people. Trough the people, rooted native, flying art imagination, in order to trigger emotion resonance, sublimation of thought expression.

A excellent national folk dance work should let the audience can taste the beauty of art and harvest deep cultural philosophy.

From this perspective, this "Lotus Award" work provides innovative ideas. Going out of the "small circle" "ivory tower", in the hot life of profound changes, the creator found the source of inspiration.

The deep grasp of the national folk dance instructions is inseparable from the field investigation.

Creators only have in-depth living, touched themselves, believe in the role, can be sincerely expressing, moving the audience.

Since 2015, the Chinese Dancers Association launched a series of dance practice activities of "in-depth life, rooting people", which is an active attempt to create dance. Young people such as Wang Mei, Tianlu, Wang Wei were in the organization, in-depth in Tibet, Hainan, Hebei, Hunan, Inner Mongolia and other regions to feel the national folk customs, fully understand the local national dance culture and absorb the nutrients. In the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Mai Cai County, the dance work "Mai Caixi" in the sun, Zhang Peng saw the local village capacity in the "visit Huiju" resident team team members and aids. Village has undergone tremendous changes.

The elderly in the square, the wonderful performance of folk artists, the cultural walls in the village, etc. Dance is the art of pursuing beauty, express beauty and creating beauty, reflecting creators’ understanding of the world, attitude towards culture, national folk dance should have the artistic pursuit of "beautiful beauty, beauty and common".

In this "Lotus Award", the dance "a big river" in Zhejiang Music Academy has translated the river’s rumor, and there is a poetry and painting while expressing the poetry. Dance borrowed a woman’s image and the section show the flow of "rivers", in the image of the "Da River", the dancer combines the "Da River" through the extension of the fan and the body, through the three curves, The angle transformation is to create a life-friendly flu in the body, and the four movements of "trembling, stri, shaking, teavage, tendry" in the scorpion lamp are extracted, and the traditional dance is innovative.

The dance "Carnival Little Junhua" created by Yantai City Cultural Art Center, "Carnival Little Juncuihua" passed the "Haoyang Geng Ge", and the lively scene of the northern traditional rural market. Whether the media is moderate, the expression is changed, and the dance creator always returns to life, and the Chinese excellent traditional culture "is in the heart", through the work, let more people understand the deep and dance art of the Chinese national culture and the unique charm of dance art. .