Southeastern Guizhou: 128 disciplined cadres practical drills "big compulsory"

Southeastern Guizhou: 128 disciplined cadres practical drills "big compulsory"

"Watching such a debate is like a professional disciplined legal business class, eliminating some business ‘blind spots’, so that our understanding of the knowledge of the law is more complete." Qi Dongnan State Discipline Inspection System Trial Practice Debate After a game, the audience is very happy.

Recently, the one-week training was held in the party school of the Southeastern China, from the State Committee of the State Committee, the staff of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team, the State Congress Work Committee and 128 comrades of the county municipal discipline committee supervision committee Training. The training insists on problem-oriented, focusing on the difficulties and practical problems in current trial work, invited the provincial discipline committee, provincial supervision committee case, provincial court, provincial procuratorate, provincial lawyers association leaders, taking special teaching, exploring exchange, simulation The case of practical exercises in cases, trial practice debates, to hear the "charging energy storage" of the cadres. In addition to the centralized teaching in the day, fully utilize the evening time to conduct debate and group discussions. In the Trial Practice Debate, the participants combined with the realms learned, "whether the act of agreed the words and the act of real alone constitutes a series, how should illegal participation in private lending behavior, whether or not to manage the management of the object of borrowing constitutes a violation? Debate in debate. In the competition, all teams launched fierce arguments around the actual arguments of the day, and each game has a statement of arguing, free argument, and summing up the three stages of the illness.

Defearents, the argument, the lyrics, tat strokes, and the sound of the throwing have expressed their understanding and use of relevant laws, and the qualitative to this case, from time to time.

In addition, combined with some highlight problems and weak shorts in the trial, add 11 volumes of more than 600 pages involved in violations of six major discipline and corruption, accepting bribes, utilization of typical violations of law and duty crimes, requirement The students complete the scriptures, production trial reports and questions in 9 hours. After the test, the relevant person in charge of the State Commission’s Supervision committee was unified to comment on the case, and both in-depth understanding of the wrong knowledge, and in-depth analysis of the typical cases, so that the students will better master the learning and do it. "This training, rich in content is more and more practical.

In particular, the simulation case test and trial practice debate, gave me a special impression, finished a set of simulation case tests, which is equivalent to participating in a case of a case, and is a view of its own business capabilities.

Luo Wei, who came from Zhenyuan County Case Reason, said in his behalf. "This training is strong, the practice is strong, the training mode is flexible, diverse, taking into account theoretical and practical, more intuitive, and more effectively Disciplinary inspection and monitoring of cadres awareness, program awareness, law awareness and responsibility awareness.

Through the case of the case, to confuse, learn from the school training ‘, reinforce the’ bottom plate ‘, and fill the’ short board ‘. The relevant person in charge of the Supervision Committee of the Southeast China Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission will continue to actively lead to the latest working concepts of the central discipline committee, the Provincial Commission and the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, which regulate the requirements and mature experience practices, and strive to effectively improve the state. Trial the level of cadres, build a trial cadre of a political excessive, exquisite business, excellent style. Source: (Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.