Shanghai Shouqiao elevator can’t open for two days a week, how does this kind of good value be built?

Shanghai Shouqiao elevator can’t open for two days a week, how does this kind of good value be built?

Original title: Shanghai Shouqiao elevator can’t open for two days a week, how does this kind of good value be built? People’s city people build, people’s city for people. Since this year, Shanghai is highly concerned about the strong "cross-street problem" of the public. It fully recognizes that the design and use of the bridge should be people-oriented. It is necessary to pay attention to the majority of elderly groups, especially pay special groups of disabled people, so that they can travel, feel Shanghai. good.

Under the promotion of the relevant departments, 38 people in the city have been promoted, and 106 vertical people have been installed, solving the "cross-embroidered" of the "cross stitch" in the city.

While advancing both road pedestrian bridges, some bridges that have been installed have also received attention.

For a long time, many citizens reflected through the 12345 service hotline, saying that some of the escalators of some of the bridges in this city are not good, or they are shut down for a long time; or frequently in maintenance status, the opening time is very limited, no automatic The role of escalators.

It is an embodiment of having a temperature in the city. This "warm" is in place, not only does it see if there is no vertical elevator or escalator in the bridge, but also to see if these elevators can get good management and maintenance, and the utilization rate is high. Some of the existing skylight escalators are not high, what is the reason? "Is it difficult to repair, still don’t want to open?" "I climbed a climb, it doesn’t matter, but I see someone to carry a big bag, some will hold the child, climb the stairs in the rain, feel too hard."

"Ms. who lives near Jiading Passenger Transport Center has repeatedly dials the" 12345 "to reflect the same question: The entrance to the escalator in the street bridge of the passenger center is always standing with the baffle, and the escalator is also in the state of stopping the operation. Three times here in the middle of November, all encountered the same situation.

Due to the particularity of the geographic location, most of the passers-by with a big and heavy baggage, plus the bridge about 3 floors, long walking is very difficult. The escalator does not enable, gives a road pedestrian, and passengers have a lot of inconvenience.

Ms. questioned: "The elevator is not good, still simply do not want to open?" On the afternoon of November 26, the reporter went to the scene to visit, and found that there was a lady said, the East side of Jiading Passenger Transport Center, Shengxin Road crossing the west end, high high The armrest elevator stacked two yellow baffles at the entrance, printed "dangerous, elevator maintenance and repair, prohibiting access".

Due to the Jingjing Bridge connected the passenger transportation center in the west side of Shengxin Road and the subway line 11 on the east side of Shengxun Road, often passengers went to the passenger transport center or subway station. When they arrived, they could only collapse the trolley rod of the suitcase, changed to the handle, and felt the grade level climbed to the 3rd floor high escalator. The reporter waited for an hour at the scene, did not see the maintenance worker came to repair the ladder.