Cellulose make flash materials non-toxic degradable or completely change the cosmetic industry

Science and Technology Daily Beijing November 11th (Internship reporter Zhang Jiaxin) There are a lot of sparkling packaging, cosmetic bottles, fruit plates, etc. in life, but many of them are made of poisonous and unsustainable materials, which will cause plastic pollution.

Recently, researchers from the University of Cambridge, the University of Cambridge 上海sn论坛 found a method, which can produce sustainable, non-toxic, and biodegradable flash from cellulose (plants, fruits and cell walls of vegetables).

Related papers published on the 11th "Nature · Material" magazine. Such a flash is made of cellulose nanocrystals, which is to change the light through a structural color, thereby glowing a bright color. In nature, such as butterflies wings and peacock feathers, all of them are masterpieces, this color is not faded in an century.

Researchers said that using self-assembly techniques, cellulose can produce colorful films.

By optimizing the cellulose solution and coating parameters, the research team can completely control the self-assembly process, thereby enabling the material to be fabricated largely manufactured. Their processes are compatible with existing industrial scale machines. Using commercially available cellulosic materials, only a few steps can be converted to a suspension containing such a flash.

After a large-scale production of cellulose thin films, the researchers polished them into particles for making the size of the flash or effect pigment.

This particle 上海娱乐地图mm自荐 can be biodegradable, free of plastic, non-toxic.

In addition, the energy intensity of the process is much lower than the conventional method.

Their materials can be used to alternatively used plastic flash particles and tiny mineral pigments in cosmetics.

Traditional pigments, such as daily use of glitter powder, belonging to non-sustainable materials, and will pollute the soil and oceans. The general pigment mineral must be heated at a high temperature of 800 ° C to form pigment particles, which is also not conducive to the natural environment.

The cellulose nanocrystalline film prepared by the team can be manufactured with a "roll to the volume" process, just like using wood pulp paper, it is the first to manufacture this material industrially.

In Europe, the 上海浦东品茶网 cosmetics industry uses about 5,500 tons of micro plastics every year.

Professor Seilvia Viginigni, a senior author of the papers, and Professor of Sylvia Viguri, Cambridge, said that they believe that this product can completely change the cosmetics industry. In the future, researchers will further optimize the production process and commercialize the flasher.


Guiyang Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision: 283 lists will become "a list of results"

The conference site. Gao Hua Jing, the People’s Network, it is reported that Guiyang City implements the 上海水疗桑拿论坛 three-year action of national-owned enterprise reform, increase capital to urban orbit, public transport, tourism, agriculture and other industries, implementing rail transit line 3, rail transit S1 line, too gold line, The construction of infrastructure and other infrastructure and other infrastructure and other infrastructure, the construction of the Tianhe Tan Tourism Resort, and supported the national-owned enterprises participating in the beautiful rural construction two years to give each pilot village not less than 2 million financial support.

In the focus of rural revitalization, Guiyang Farm Group built a large scale, Ziyun, Wangwang and other places, 86, standardized modern agriculture, cover 37 counties (city, district); Guiyang The control group provides 1 million funds to the Village of the Village for the 上海微信炮群二维码 Cat Cave, and the Agricultural Bank is coordinated with the Agricultural Bank to add more than 60 million yuan for the new loans in the village. City Weicheng Town Jinqi Village Golden Flag Kiwi to create a full-stranded farmers service platform, this year’s sale of "Golden Flag Kija" kiwifruit 11,500 yuan, help farmers to receive 10,000 yuan; Guiyang Rural Commercial Bank adopts "Biological Affairs Asset Mortgage + Internet of Things and The guarantee method of Internet Technical Supervision, helping the beef cattle farmers "mortgage, security, and low efficiency low". "Guiyang Municipal State Administration Commission is focused on the 上海lf品茶论坛交流 construction of the two three reforms this year, and strives to do practical things for the masses." Li Shiyong, deputy secretary, deputy director and first-level researcher of Guiyang University of Social Commission, said that Guiyang City State-owned Assets , Old communities, back street alley renovation work, promote the construction of "green bus", explore the work of "public transport + N" custom public transport model, and effectively solve the difficult pain points in the life of the boss. (Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see recommendation reading.


Great wind whistling! Beijing today’s gust can reach 7-level tomorrow’s highest temperature rise

  The wind continues 上海品茶qm to blow! Beijing today (November 9) Great wind blue warning is effective, the wind is obvious, the gust can reach 6 to 7, the highest temperature is 9 ° C, the lowest temperature is 1 ° C. Tomorrow northern wind will continue online, the highest temperature will rise to 14 ° C. Yesterday, Beijing’s big wind whistling, in the morning, after noon, the plain area gust is about 7th, the mountain gust is 8, 9.

The wind also blows a penetrated winter blue sky, and the temperature is maintained at a low operation.

  In the morning, Beijing weather is sunny, and the north wind blows.

  Today, the wind blue warning takes effect, the wind is significant.

Beijing Meteorological Observatory is expected to 上海会所推荐网 be sunny today, the north wind is 3, 4, the gust is 6, 7, the highest temperature is 9 ° C; the night is cloudy, the north wind is two or three, the lowest temperature is 1 ° C. Tomorrow, there are still 3, 4 north winds in Beijing, the highest temperature rises to 14 ° C, and the lowest temperature is only 1 ° C. On the 14th, there is cold air activity, and the temperature will fluctuate, and the public needs to pay attention to the approach. Meteorologists reminded that Beijing has a big wind, the wind is remarkable, and the public travels to protect the wind and cold, prevent high-altitude treasures; at the same time, the air is dry, pay attention to the use of fire and gas safety, and beware of fire.


Conversion of learning achievements into loyal and clean, actual actions

>> Zhou Qiang emphasizes the actual action of transforming learning achievements into loyal and clean assignments at the beginning of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China: 31 上海qm逍遥网 Saturday Source: Rule of Law Daily – – The Legal Network Conference believes that this plenary meeting is an important historical moment of the 100th anniversary of the party. The first hundred years of struggle in the party and the people have achieved a well-off society in an all-round way, and they are building a socialist modern power. A major historical juncture of a hundred years of struggle, a very important meeting, held.

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s general speech published in the plenary session, the high-rise construction, the whole, the connotation is rich, and the idea is deep, and the great cause of adhering to and developing Chinese characteristics in the new era further indicated the direction. The "resolution" adopted by the Plenary is a brilliant Marxist program, is the authoritative 上海各区工作室外卖海选 textbook of scientific socialism. It is the political declaration of the Chinese Communists in the new era, in mind the initial mission, insisting and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is based on history. In the future, the guidance of the achievement of the great revival of the Chinese nation will be strongly promoted the unified ideology, unify the will, unified action, and give together the whole party, the people of all nationalities, the whole party, and create the future, the head is hard, and the brave is to achieve China. The great rejuvenation of the nation is stubbornly struggling to struggle.

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to unify thinking, raise awareness, and earnestly unify thoughts and actions to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and spiritual spirit.

I deeply understand the significance of the party’s 19th China Plenary Session, summarizing the great achievements of the party’s 100-year struggle and historical experience, and deeply understanding the new major achievements made by the party and national careers since the 19th National President of the Party. Grasping the party’s 100-year struggle and major achievements, and profoundly understand the great achievements of new era of Chinese characteristics, profoundly understand the historical significance and historical experience of the party’s hundred years, and profoundly understand the new great journey to the party’s mission, Further enhance the history of confidence and history, keep in mind what the Chinese Communist Party is, what is going to do, fully implement the party’s basic theory, basic route, basic funding, and give full play to the role of trial function, and strive to promote the people’s prosperity, the country is strong, China Beautiful makes a positive contribution. The meeting emphasized that the national courts should learn to implement the spirit of the Plenary as the major political tasks of the people’s courts in the future, quickly rise to the learning boom, eat spirit, understand the essence, grasp the essence, and effectively transform the learning results into real God and loyal and clean and actual actions.

Editor in charge: Wu Di.


Anti-disaster prevention and mitigation people’s defense

  Disaster prevention and mitigation disaster relief work is related to the safety of the people’s lives and property, and it is important to measure the leadership of the ruling party, inspection of government execution, judging the national mobilization, and highlight the important factors of national cohesiveness.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping will put the disaster prevention and mitigation disaster relief in the center of the high-out position, and many times have made important instructions on the disaster prevention and mitigation disaster relief work, and the direction of the new era of disaster prevention and mitigation disaster relief work is provided. Follow it. It is important to see that the natural disaster situation facing my country is still complicated, disaster information sharing and disaster prevention and mitigation disaster relief resource is uniform, and the disaster prevention and mitigation publicity and education are not enough. The phenomenon of red disaster relief is also common. In this regard, it is recommended to start from the following aspects to effectively improve the risk of disaster risk management. Focusing on "some people catch", accelerate a batch of "understanding people". Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the important speech published by the Central Party School (National Institute of Administration), "the" young cadres should improve the emergency response "" "must strive to become the hipster in the work field. , Continuously improve the insight and courage of emergency persons, to challenge various risk challenges, to achieve countless, classification, accurate bomb, effectively control the situation, and resolve the crisis. " Different disaster risks have different generational evolution logic, need to take different prevention response initiatives.

my country is one of the most serious countries in the world. There are many types of disasters, widely distributed, high frequency, improve disaster risk governance, need to effectively enhance the risk of disaster risk management of grassroots cadres, with comprehensive immersion disaster reduction knowledge and Skills are cornerstone, strengthen flood disasters, earthquake disasters, geological disasters, typhoon disasters, biology and disease disasters, etc. Reserve, popularization, and use of counterfeiting skills.

At the same time, strengthen the training of disaster prevention and mitigation volunteers, township energy, etc., form a group of "understand people" that can effectively drive people around people’s disaster prevention and mitigation.

This year’s flood season, more than 700,000 grassroots disaster information workers rushed in urban and rural communities, and laid a solid information foundation for the major victory of the fight against flood relief.

In daily disaster prevention and mitigation work, the integration of grassroots information of disasters, meteorological information, and improved the accuracy and timeliness of disaster warning information release, and resolving the "last kilometer" problem.

  Focusing on "how to catch", enhance disaster prevention and mitigation skills in subtlety. Since this year, it has been affected by new coronal pneumonia, many disaster prevention and mitigation education bases have organized events through cloud class, cloud broadcast, cloud lecture, cloud forum, cloud competition, etc., innovation and disaster prevention and mitigation education model, making people more deeply In the early stage of the crisis risk, the response method and strategy of various stages of mid-term, and later.

Improve disaster risk management capabilities, should develop disaster prevention and mitigation sciences, textbooks, film and television, games, and communities and family emergency manuals for different groups, encouragement, and encourage social forces to participate in disaster prevention and mitigation publicity and education, not only knows disaster prevention The knowledge of disaster reduction can also have active disaster prevention and mitigation, calm disaster relief mentality, master the scientific disaster prevention and mitigation skills, and minimize life and property loss as much as possible during disasters. Around "Who Cut", building a civil defense against disaster prevention and disaster relief disaster relief. Improve disaster risk management capabilities, we must fully launch the masses of the broad masses of the masses while giving full play to the pioneers of the grassroots party organization and the leaders of the cadres and party members. On the one hand, we must continue to improve the citizen safety education system, promote safety publicity into enterprises, enter the countryside, into the community, enter the school, enter the family; on the other hand, carry out the normal emergency evacuation drill, actively promote safety risk grid management, Building a civil defense from disaster prevention and disaster relief. Around "Where", seize the foundation and frontline battlefield of this disaster prevention and mitigation disaster relief in urban and rural communities.

The experience of fighting the epidemic is revealed that the community is the first line of the epidemic association, giving full play to the blocking effect of the community in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the prevention and control power will sink to the community, strengthen the implementation of community prevention and control measures. . Let the community become a strong fortress for disaster prevention and disaster relief disaster relief, on the one hand, to prevent the security risks around the 上海干磨水磨服务区别 people, truly solve the problem in the germination, disaster. For example, the community should equip the infrastructure, new construction, reconsideration and expansion of community emergency refuge sites around the community, and do a good job in science and explanation around them. It can support the guidance of the public to carry out a variety of "risk hazard investigation" activities around you, enhance mitigation and disaster prevention cognitive ability and action capabilities with rich experiences. On the other hand, strengthen the disaster reduction resources and strength of the community level, and create a comprehensive disaster reduction demonstration community to carry out the national integrated disaster reduction demonstration county (city, district, flag) pilot.

Organize residents to carry 上海品茶交友群 out emergency rescue skills training and escape and risk-saving drills, enhance risk prevention, enhance the comprehensive literacy of disaster prevention and mitigation, and enhance public emergency risk and self-rescue skills. (Author: Yuan Xi Li, Department of Chinese Social Sciences Xi Jinping New Times Chinese Characteristic Socialist Ideological Research Center Researcher) (Project Team: This newspaper reporter Zhang Sheng, Hu Xiajun, Li Xiaodong, Song Xun, Wang Simin, the newspaper correspondent Tang Chengzhuo).








从日常生活的细节做起,少用一度电,节约一滴水,从源头减少消耗,就能汇聚起绿色发展的磅礴之力。   一时的努力或许并不难,难的是持之以恒、持续用力。 从设立碳普惠公共服务平台,到试点能兑换生活用品的“垃圾银行”,各地不断创新机制,引导广大群众增强了节约意识、环保意识、生态意识,有助于加快在全社会形成绿色生活方式。 驰而不息,久久为功,我们定能汇聚起全社会共同建设美丽中国的强大合力。

“向右看,向前看……”新疆消防救援总队石河子市消防救援支队南子午路消防救援站站长丁亚丽和队员们列队开始训练,如往常一样,他带头完成绳索攀爬、垂直铺设水带操、沿六米拉梯铺设水带操等项目训练。 “平时多流汗、战时少流血,只有加强各种训练,才能提高处置突发事件的快速反应能力。

”丁亚丽先后被新疆维吾尔自治区评选为“最美新疆人”,被新疆生产建设兵团授予“第六届青年五四奖章”,今年又获得第20届“全国青年岗位能手标兵”称号。 上强度、加压力,反复训练争当队伍尖兵自参加工作以来,丁亚丽就把“当兵不习武、不算尽义务,武艺练不精、不算合格兵”作为自己的座右铭。


“这个我先来,和大家比一比。 ”这是丁亚丽在训练场上经常说的一句话。 每一次带队训练,他第一个做示范,让老班长和队员找问题、提建议。 “当兵就要当尖兵”,丁亚丽用他的一言一行教导每一名队员“训练没有捷径可走,只有反复练。



14年间,丁亚丽先后参加了乌鲁木齐3·29红雁池电厂大爆炸、1·2德汇市场火灾、石河子1·6鞭炮爆炸火灾、1·19棉花仓库火灾和11·12天业油罐火灾等较大火灾扑救和抢险救援战斗。 群众利益无小事,为百姓解难2000余次群众利益无小事,这样的信念,一直是丁亚丽数十年如一日的执着追求。 2019年7月,连续地强降雨、雷电等强对流性天气致使500多户居民房屋出现积水、受损等不同程度的灾情,丁亚丽带队星夜驰援赶往受灾现场,紧急铺设水带进行抽水,搬运沙袋进行堵截,同时配合肩挑手提,参与排水作业,帮助受灾人员安全转移。

面对今年突如其来的新冠疫情,丁亚丽带领南子午路消防救援站17名党员庄严承诺并签下决心书、按下红手印,坚守奋战在疫情防控前沿,开启“白+黑”执勤备战模式。 他和站内精锐力量成立了疫情救援处置预备队,先后对全市2家定点医疗机构、1家集中收治临时医院、30余家集中隔离点进行消毒,为辖区50余家医疗、救护、隔离等重点单位制定应急处置预案,带队开展“六熟悉”和防化、洗消操作演练30余次,默默守护着“戈壁明珠”的百姓。 同时,丁亚丽不忘自己是祖国西域的一颗“石榴籽”。

丁亚丽所在消防站共组织队站开放活动500余次,为百姓解难2000余次。 每逢节日,他带领队员深入少数民族聚居地开展义务清洗路面、植树、清理杂草垃圾,为孤寡老人捐款、资助困难家庭贫困学生,无私奉献的精神感染着驻地群众。 (吴建华苏杰)(应急管理部新闻宣传司与人民网共同推出)(责编:刘霞(实习生)、孝金波)分享让更多人看到推荐阅读  。